Dr Kate Wright

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - School of Arts

Kate Wright

Phone: +61 2 6773 3867

Mobile: 0431 534 955

Email: kwrigh33@une.edu.au

Twitter: @Kate_Wright01


Kate Wright joined the School of Arts in July 2014 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow after completing her PhD at Macquarie University in Sydney.

Kate spent her childhood in Armidale, and her PhD thesis (which will be published as a book in 2015) is an auto-ethnographic account of relationships between human and non-human life in the New England region, titled ‘Cross-Kingdom Encounters: Journeys to the New England Tablelands’.

Kate’s research is situated in the interdisciplinary field of Environmental Humanities and looks at the way interspecies relationships nourish and sustain resilient environments and communities, with a particular focus on social and environmental justice. Her current postdoctoral project ‘Nourishing Culture and Developing Social Capital in a Community Garden’ involves working collaboratively with local Aboriginal community members, organisations and Elders to develop a community garden on a block of land that was once part of an Aboriginal reserve.

Through the lens of multispecies ethnography, the garden will be a space to experiment with alternatives to neoliberal, colonial and anthropocentric modes of thinking and living. The project will expand the notion of community into a ‘mixed community’ of humans and non-humans to ask innovative questions, such as: Can a plant be a mentor? Can bush foods retain cultural knowledge? Can worms teach us how to develop more sustainable modes of living? Community members will be co-researchers, bridging the gap between traditional and academic knowledges and between local action and global change.

This research project is integrated with an innovative training and education pathway program that links Aboriginal environmental knowledges with sustainability and environmental science. This program will be conducted through the garden site by UNE in partnership with TAFE New England, Jobs Australia, Best Employment, BackTrack Youthworks, and the Clontarf Academy (Armidale High School).

Kate is co-editor of the ‘Living Lexicon for the Environmental Humanities’, a special section of the open-access journal Environmental Humanities. Kate has also convened and lectured units across a range of disciplines in the Arts and Science faculties at Macquarie University (2009 – 2013) including Environmental Humanities, Cultural Studies, Human Geography, Media, and Science Communication.


Bachelor of Media (First Class Honours) 2008; PhD (Vice Chancellors Commendation for Excellence in Research) 2013 - Macquarie University.

Research Interests

Environmental Humanities; Environmental Philosophy; Cultural Studies; Multispecies Ethnography.



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