Dr Miriam Verbeek

Adjunct Associate Professor - Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law (AgLaw)


Dr Verbeek is a writer and academic editor, formerly the Director of the strategic consulting group, The Profit Foundation, which provided advice to the public and private sectors. In 1997, she completed a doctorate in organisational ethics and taught that subject in the ethics Masters program of the University of New South Wales from 1998 to 2004. She has also taught organisational behaviour subjects and strategy subjects at Macquarie University and University of Technology, Sydney. Her special interest is community-based environmental organisations, having advised and chaired several, including managing a number of their large programs. She has held Ministerial appointments to the NSW Biodiversity Advisory Committee, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Sydney South Region Advisory Committee, and the Southern Catchment Management Board. She worked with the Commonwealth government in the Natural Heritage Trust program since its inception. Miriam has edited and written for various community newspapers and is co-author of several reports and a book on natural resources in Australia.

Dr Verbeek is involved in AgLaw activities, providing advice to doctoral students and academic staff in structuring arguments as well as in areas. She is especially involved in helping students and academics who have English as their second language.