Dr Tony Henzell

Software Specialist - Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU)

Tony Henzell

Phone: +61 2 6773 3782

Email: ahenzell@une.edu.au


1992 Bachelor of Applied Science, University of Central Queensland, Australia.
Major: Physics

1979 Masters of Science Studies, University of Queensland, Australia.
Major: Maths

1967 Bachelor of Science, University of Queensland, Australia.

Research Interests

Mixed model estimation and prediction for beef cattle traits, and the implementation of this research into the national genetic evaluation scheme BREEDPLAN.

A major focus of Tony's work has been in the development of genetic evaluations procedures for several new traits. These have included important developments in the female fertility trait days to calving, mature cow weight and more recently, abattoir carcase traits.

Tony is also Project Leader of the Quantitative Genetics sub-program for the CRC for the Cattle and Beef Industry (Meat Quality). The focus of this work is the estimation of genetic parameters for meat quality, investigating possible GxE interactions and implementing the results into BREEDPLAN.

Further Information

Other Interests

Neural Networks and Mathematical modelling.