Dr Bruce Tier

Principal Scientist - Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU)

Bruce Tier

Phone: +61 2 6773 3335

Email: btier@turing.une.edu.au


1999 Doctor of Philosophy, University of New England, Australia.
Thesis: Useful Algorithms for the Genetic Evaluation of Livestock.

1985 Diploma in Financial Management, University of New England, Australia.

1980 Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), University of Western Australia, Australia.
Major: Plant Breeding and Agricultural Economics

Research Interests

Bruce has been involved with BREEDPLAN for many years and is in the final stages of the 'single step'. Other research foci include the final stages of implementing the first version of the 'single step' of BREEDPLAN and OVIS.

Other research includes:

  • designing the new version of BREEDPLAN including:
    • streamlined processing
    • new method for importing immigrant information
    • faster solver
    • improved accuracy algorithm
  • Genomic prediction
    • Development and examination of alternate genomic relationship matrices for use in prediction
      and approximating accuracies
    • Haplotyping