Student Emergency Assistance Fund – COVID 19


Funding has been made available from the University to support quick response grants for UNE students experiencing financial hardship impacting their ability to continue their academic studies (course program or research) at the University.

The grants are intended for students who find themselves in unexpected or unforeseen financial hardship, specifically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The fund does not have the capacity to support a recipient with ongoing costs, and students should note that funds, where provided, are done so on a one-off basis and there are limits in terms of how much funding is available or can be provided to each applicant.


To be offered:On an ongoing basis
Duration:One-off payment
Study Mode:Online/on campus
Course Type:Undergraduate (including enabling programs)
Coursework Postgraduate 
Higher Degree Research
Closing Date:N/A - Applications may be submitted year-round

Who can Apply?

Applications for a grant will be administered by the University Scholarships, Prizes & Awards Team Students are encouraged to have a confidential and private discussion with Student Advocacy and Welfare or their Head of College about their circumstances and submitting an application for scholarship funds.

  1. Open to all students currently enrolled in a degree/course at UNE, excluding UNE staff members.
  2. If an applicant is under the age of 18 years, they are required to obtain their parent’s or guardian’s consent to make an application and include a record of this as part of their application.
  3. Examples of what may be funded through the Student Emergency Assistance Fund - COVID19 to support the retention of UNE students who are experiencing financial hardship due to the impact of the coronavirus include:
    1. To assist with the costs of food and household essentials if your income has been effected as a result of COVID-19 (eg. Job loss, reduced hours at work etc.)
    2. To assist with costs of unexpectedly studying online e.g. loan of laptop, mobile data if no Wi-Fi is available at home;
    3. Travel and transit accommodation costs for college students who are unexpectedly having to return to the family Residence home due to a logistical need (e.g. interstate home) or the need to return to self-isolate, or carer responsibilities related to COVID 19;
  4. The following are examples of what will not be funded:
    1. mortgage repayments/rent
    2. council rates
    3. Costs of entertainment, recreation, or non-emergency travel
    4. Legal counsel and fees
    5. Parking tickets/fines

Students seeking assistance with expenses not covered by the Emergency Fund may be eligible for a Student Loan.

How to Apply

  1. Applications must be made using the application form which will be provided to the applicant by the Head of College or UNE Life Advocacy and Welfare.
  2. Applications will be assessed and awarded on the recommendation of the Scholarships, Prizes and Awards team and Student Advocacy and Welfare.
  3. Applicants will be required to provide documentation with their application supporting their specific need and circumstances, eg. Medical certificates, bank statements, legal documents, tax invoices, etc.


  1. By applying to this fund, the applicant permits the University to give some personal details contained in their application to the UNE Life Advocacy and Welfare Independent Student Advocates who may not be UNE staff.  All information gathered will be treated with strict confidentiality and discretion.
  2. An application does not mean the applicant will automatically receive a grant.
  3. Funds will be awarded based on available funding, assessment of individual needs, and capacity for the support to help the student to complete their studies.
  4. The offering of the Student Emergency Assistance Fund is subject to funds available. UNE reserves the right to decline applications should the total value of applications received exhaust the funds set aside for this particular purpose.
  5. Successful applicants will be notified by the Scholarships, Prizes & Awards team within two working days of receiving the scholarship application.
  6. Applicants acknowledge that the grant awarded may not cover the full cost of the expense or fee.
  7. Applicants will need to report back on the grant after it is expended and show evidence of the bill/invoice/quote/email trail relating to the use of grant funds. Failure to report back will deem the student ineligible to apply from any Student Emergency Assistance fund again in future.
  8. All expenditures must be within Australia and in Australian dollars.
  9. Information collected by UNE as part of this application will be handled consistent with the University’s Privacy Policy and with the treatment of personal information. Please go to the UNE website for information about how information you provide to UNE will be managed.
  10. UNE will not be liable for any personal injury, loss, damage or expenses (whether direct or consequential) to persons or property arising out of or otherwise connected with this funding or application for funding.
  11. By submitting your application you accept these terms and conditions
  12. The Selection Committee’s decision is final.