WHS Training and Inductions

WHS Training

UNESAFE Training Library is coming soon and will contain a number of training packages including Inductions, Emergency Warden, Risk Management and Assessments, SOP writing and other safety related topics. Training packages will be delivered via our LMS Moodle.


The University is a diverse and unique work environment. We have many people practising their skills, trades, research, studies and professions on campus. Before commencing work and study, all personnel should be inducted to the organisation and to their work environment.

Click here to access the WHS Introduction for New Staff presentation.

Following completion of the WHS Induction, staff may be required to complete a Site Specific Induction depending on their work location. Site Specific Inductions are outlined below:

WHS F039 Site Specific Induction Checklist (39.6 KB)

Use this checklist to induct all 'Workers' (permanent, fixed term, casual, volunteer), Visitors and Contractors to their immediate work environment upon initial arrival.

WHS F051 Laboratory Induction Checklist - Students (42.5 KB)

A form per individual student, to demonstrate a formal induction to laboratory teaching areas

WHS F060 Induction for Clinical Simulation Lab - School of Health (39.3 KB)

Used to induct anyone that works or participates in the Clinical Simulation Lab of the School of Health

Laboratory Induction Resources

View videos here.

Contractor Induction Resources

UNE WHS Induction for FMS Contractors - Click here to complete the module. Log in with username: une. Password: contractor.

UNE General WHS Induction for Contractors - Click here to complete the module. Log in with username: une. Password: contractor.

Important note for contractors:

  • You are required to complete this induction every 12 months.
  • You will be sent a reminder via email.
  • Your Contractor ID card will only be valid for the period you have a valid induction.
  • Building access will be restricted via swipe cards.
  • Once you complete the relevant module above, a certificate will be generated and you must print it out and have it signed by your UNE Project Manager.
  • Please take the certificate to the UNE Security Office to have your ID card issued.