SOP Libraries

Schools and Business Units are invited to publish their completed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on this page of Safety Hub. Please forward to for inclusion.

This publication tool creates a centralised portal that ensures SOPs being utilised by 'Workers' and students are the most up to date version.

At UNE we define an SOP as a document that describes the steps carried out to utilise a particular piece of plant, equipment, machinery, tool, or to mix hazardous chemicals.

The template for the development of SOPs is available for use now! The Operating Procedure on the process of SOP development is also available.

Facilities Management Service (FMS) SOP Library

Under construction

Science and Technology SOP Library

SOP - Interim - Glass Pipettes - 12 February 2016

SOP - Interim - Separation Funnel - 12 February 2016

SOP - Interim - Using Bunsen Burners - 12 February 2016

SOP - Interim - Using a Heat Gun - 12 February 2016

SOP - Interim - Rotary Evaporator - 12 February 2016

Environmental and Rural Science SOP Library

SOP - Gibson Soil Corer - 12 April 2018

Archaeology SOP Library

Under construction

SMART Farm SOP Library

To access the SMART Farm SOP Library, click here.