JSA Libraries

Schools and Business Units are invited to publish their completed Job Safety Analysis' (JSAs) on this page of Safety Hub. Please forward to whs@une.edu.au for inclusion.

This publication tool creates a centralised portal that ensures JSAs being utilised by 'Workers' and students are the most up to date version.

JSAs are used to document the process for an entire task from planning through to completion. A JSA may reference several SOPs if a particular job requires the use of several items of plant, equipment, machinery, tools or includes the mixture of hazardous chemicals.

The template for the development of JSAs is available for use now! The Operating Procedure on the process of JSA development is also available.

Facilities Management Service (FMS) JSA Library

Under construction

Science and Technology JSA Library

Under construction

Environmental and Rural Science JSA Library

JSA - Beckman Coulter Allegra x-12 Centrifuge - 15 March 2017

JSA - Nitrogen Glove Box - 13 June 2017

JSA - Pratika S20 Benchtop Steam Sterilizer - 21 July 2017

JSA - Setting and maintaining dung beetle traps - 22 August 2017

JSA - Tetlow Kiln - 26 September 2017


JSA - Handling Archaeology Asbestos Fragments - 16 June 2017