Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), supported by the Hazardous Substances Safety Advisor and Radiation Safety Reference Group (RSRG), closely monitors the radiation safety program at UNE.

Prior to each new experiment or experimental procedure, the RSO shall be contacted to review protocols. This is also applicable if you intend to install new radioactive equipment or work with radioactive materials or apparatus.

  • UNE Radiation Safety Officer, Richard Flavel
  • Hazardous Substances Safety Advisor, Roland Helfer

Consultation and decisions affecting UNE policy, procedures, materials or equipment related to radiation are handled by the RSRG.

WHS OP016 Terms of Reference – Radiation Safety Reference Group (RSRG)

RSRG members are Suzannah Mitchell, Richard Flavel, Christopher Guppy, Daniel Ebert, Christopher Lisle, Roland Helfer


Individuals, or facilities, using or possessing radiation apparatus or radioactive substances must have a radiation licence from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). UNE is in possession of a current licence to operate.


Prescribed radiation apparatus, sealed source devices and premises where a radioactive substance not contained in a sealed source device is kept or used must be registered with the EPA. UNE’s prescribed radiation register forms an integral part of the above EPA licence.


Appropriate radiation signage and wording must be conspicuously displayed at all entrances to facilities and in the immediate vicinity of the apparatus or substance (see AS2243.4 appendix E). Unauthorized persons shall not enter any radioisotope laboratory without supervision.

Useful Resources

UNE Documents

Australian Standards

  • Australian Standard IEC 60825.1:2011 Safety of laser products - Equipment classification and requirements
  • Australian Standard IEC 60825.14:2011 Safety of laser products - A user's guide
  • Australian Standard AS 2243.4:2018 Safety in Laboratories - Ionizing Radiation
  • Australian Standard AS 2243.5:2004 Safety in Laboratories - Non-ionizing radiation - Electromagnetic, sound and ultrasound

State government legislation

NSW Environment Protection Authority

Australasian Radiation Protection Society

Department of Industry (Australian Government)