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Posthuman Literary and Cultural Studies Research Group

The researchers

Cate Dowd

Cate Dowd joined the academic staff at UNE in 2011 after completion of a PhD between Media and Computing at CSU.  She previously worked as an Academic at the University of Melbourne, Monash University and Swinburne. Cate has a PhD on crisis communication in the era of Social Media and real-time communication with contexts for the digital design of journalists and public relations professionals as conceptual robotic agents.  She also has a Master of Information Management Systems by research from Monash University on the digitization of Australian television. Cate has worked in broadcast media and online media for many years.  In earlier times she worked in feature film editing at the SAFC and Crawford Productions and she is a graduate from the Centre For Performing Arts, Adelaide, with a major in design.

Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher has extensive experience as a writer and publishing professional, working as editor, publisher and manager.  He has also worked in rights management and was Executive Director of the Australian Society of Authors before moving to academia. His research interests include: The history and practice of Australian publishing and editing ; Narrative practice, especially second person narrative; and the literary depiction of queerness.

Jennifer McDonell

Over the past three years Jennifer McDonell has delivered 12 papers at international conferences on animals and literature, and has published articles and chapters which have either appeared or are forthcoming with Ashgate Press, Representing Animals in Britain (Manchester UP), Animal Death (Sydney UP), 'Literature and Animals' Companion to Victorian Literature (Oxford: Blackwells), Aux frontières de l'animal. Mises en scènes et réflexivités. (Droz, 2012), Australian Literary Studies 25.2 (October 2010). She co-edited a special issue of essays on animals and literature (Australian Literary Studies June 2010) and has an essay in Modern Language Quarterly (forthcoming 2013,a  special issue which she organised and is co-editing with Marshall Brown). She has been invited by the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (CHE), University of Sydney node to present on the current project at a public event entitled Emotional Responses to Death and Dying from Medieval to Contemporary Times to be held at the Australian Museum on 21 September 2012.

Russell McDougall

Russell McDougall has longstanding research interests in comparative Australian, Caribbean and West African literatures in English - on all of which he has published widely - as well as in post-colonial theory and Indigeneity. He is particularly interested in post-colonial subjectivities and the writing of biography; the relationship between anthropology and travel writing; stories about objects; literary geographies; and the new piracies, especially bio-piracy and geo-piracy. Earlier this year CI McDougall accepted an invitation to speak on comparative indigeneities at the international symposium in India, Imagining the Intangible: Language, Literature, Visual Arts of the Indigenous — hosted jointly by the Bhasha Research Centre (a Centre of Excellence recognised by Ministry of Tribal Affairs) and the European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (EACLALS). Subsequently he has been invited to publish in a special issue of Kunapipi: Journal of Postcolonial Writing; and he is working toward the larger project — "A Comparative Analysis of Depictions and Deployments of the Indigenous and the Exotic: Human, Animal and Botanical."

Jane O'Sullivan

Jane O'Sullivan is a Senior Lecturer at the University of New England, Australia, and a member of the Posthuman Literary and Cultural Studies Research Group. Currently, she is exploring a critical and creative exchange between processes of writing and those of painting, film, and other visual representations of non-animals, and bringing these to bear on cultural constructions of human-animal interactions. Jane has written on an experiment in how aspects of the representation of horses might be critiqued in creative nonfiction. This 'mixed media' approach is discussed in her article on the process of constructing a painted and written conversation between a painting by George Stubbs and one by John Constable. In addition, Jane has employed a similar process in writing a creative nonfiction piece about representations of pigs in cinema, and has published an article comprised of a number of photographs and short creative nonfiction reflections on animals as she has observed them in various zoos in Australia, England and Ireland. Jane's ongoing and interrelated teaching and research interests in literary studies, film, popular culture, and critical animal studies inform this work.

Recent Publications:

'Zoo-illogical Exhibition' in Animal Studies Journal, 2(2), 2013, 91–98

'Picturing the Pig in Pork and Porky' in Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Issue 25 — Summer 2013, pp. 45–48

Loaded Dogs: Dogs, Domesticity, and 'the Wild' in Australian Cinema, in Cinematic Canines: Dogs and Their Work in the Fiction Film, Ed. Adrienne McLean, Rutgers University Press, 2014, Ch. 6, 143–157

'Mixed Media: Moving between painting and writing' in Creative Manoeuvre: Making, Saying, Being — Refereed proceedings of the Australian Association of Writing Programs 18th Annual Conference (25–27 November 2013) 2014