Wilderness Symposium 2016

Image (detail) from Gaia Pregnant with Boy, painted by Marty Branagan titled 'Gaia'.

Graphic from Gaia Pregnant With Boy (detail) by Marty Branagan, 2015.


Acknowledgement of Country: The University of New England respects and acknowledges that its people,
programs and facilities are built on land, and surrounded by a sense of belonging, both ancient and contemporary,
of the world's oldest living culture. In doing so, UNE values and respects Indigenous knowledge systems
as a vital part of the knowledge capital of Australia.

Please note this event is in the past. Staff are invited to watch video recordings of the Symposium.



TimePresenter Presentation Title
9.20 Fiona Utley and Robyn Bartel Introduction and publication plans
9.35 Stephen Harris and Fiona Utley Another walk on the wildside: a phenomenology of rewilding and edge lands
10.05 Marty Branagan The Franklin River: a case study of wilderness preservation (Part 1)
10.30 Bert Jenkins Wilderness transcience

Mid morning

TimePresenter Presentation Title
11.25 Navjot Bhullar Nature as therapy: The role of
green care in mental health
11.45 Marty Branagan The Franklin River: a case study of wilderness preservation (Part 2)
12.10 Steve Norris and Tony Lynch Wilderness triumphant
12.40 BROWN BAG LUNCH 1 – 2pm special screening of 'Wildness' at the Nonviolence Film Festival


Time Presenter Presentation Title
2.30 Boyd Blackwell Mining wilderness and traditional peoples:
How to transcend and transform the
imbedded conflicts presented through
multiple and sequential use of remote resources
3.00 Paul Reader Google-eyed wilderness: reconciling visual
constructions of remote open spaces and
places with other historical and Indigenous
3.30 Wendy Beck Wilderness in the distant past — some New
England reflections.
4.00 Vanessa Bible and Tanya Howard History of the Australian wilderness
preservation movement and environmental law


Time Presenter Presentation Title
4.30 Robyn Bartel, Don Hine, Methuen Morgan
and Graham Marshall
Wilderness binaries and biodiversity management in
urban settings
4.45 Final discussion and plans  
5.00 CLOSE