John Ryan

Dr John Ryan standing on a rock near a creek with his reflection on the water.John Charles Ryan is a poet and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UNE. His current project, ‘The Botanical Imagination: Poetry as a Means for Inspiring Ecological Appreciation and Community Wellbeing’, explores the potential of poetry to redefine human-plant relationships. The research combines creative, critical and community-based approaches focused on the floristic diversity of the Northern Tablelands of NSW.

John’s teaching, supervision and research cross between the environmental and digital humanities. He is the author or editor of the research books Digital Arts (Bloomsbury, 2014, as co-author), The Language of Plants (University of Minnesota Press, 2017, as contributing co-editor), Plants in Contemporary Poetry (Routledge, 2017, as author), Southeast Asian Ecocriticism (Lexington Books, 2017, as contributing editor) and Forest Family (Brill, 2018, as contributing editor).