Environmental Humanities Research Network

Australian bushland

About us

The University of New England is uniquely situated, both geographically and intellectually, to engage with environmental concerns that have serious implications for the wellbeing of our region, as well as far-reaching national and global consequences. The humanities have a key role to play in this process. It is widely acknowledged that there is an urgent need to bridge the disciplinary divide to ensure more historically, philosophically and culturally informed approaches to explaining and solving contemporary environmental challenges.

Members of the Environmental Humanities Research Network (EHRN) bring a creative interdisciplinary approach to the shared challenge of forging a better environmental future. We believe in the importance of the humanities to explore how environmental problems and social and cultural practices are inextricably linked, and to address the question: What does it mean for humans (locally, nationally and globally) to live, to have lived, and to face living in changing environmental conditions?

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