Humanities and Creative Arts Research Grants

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Project snapshots

Our projects highlight the potential of creative thought and artistic expression in addressing some of the challenges of the twenty-first century while drawing from a historical perspective.

Many of these projects require a highly interdisciplinary approach, compelling researchers to cross the boundaries between disciplines traditionally associated with the Humanities and Creative Arts — including professions such as Law.

ARC funded research

Our ARC projects focus on history, theatre, Australian cultural heritage, languages and linguistics:

  • Players: The Lives and Work of the Actors Who Created the National Theatre of Australia 1950–2012.
  • Bilingualism in the Bush: Reconceptualising speech community in immigrant family language maintenance in regional Australia
  • The Cartoon Empire: The Anglo-American Tradition of Political Satire and Comic Art, 1720–2020
  • Kings of the World: Dynamics of Khmer Centralisation 900–1500 CE