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The following comprises lists of recent book publications from the Humanities and Arts.

Recent book publications from Humanities

Michael Allen Fox
Home: A Very Short Introduction

Oxford University Press

This book explores the concept of home and the many meanings and associations that attach to the idea and reality of home, both traditionally and within the present age of high mobility, migration, refugeeism, and homelessness.  It argues that whatever our attitudes to home might be, it remains an essential reference point as we navigate our way through life.

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The next war book coverBrett Holman 
The Next War in the Air: Britain's Fear of the Bomber, 1908–1941

Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate, 2014
ISBN: 9781409447337

In the early twentieth century, the new technology of flight changed warfare irrevocably, not only on the battlefield, but also on the home front. As prophesied before 1914, Britain in the First World War was effectively no longer an island, with its cities attacked by Zeppelin airships and Gotha bombers in one of the first strategic bombing campaigns. Drawing on prewar ideas about the fragility of modern industrial civilization, some writers now began to argue that the main strategic risk to Britain was not invasion or blockade, but the possibility of a sudden and intense aerial bombardment of London and other cities, which would cause tremendous destruction and massive casualties. The nation would be shattered in a matter of days or weeks, before it could fully mobilize for war. Defeat, decline, and perhaps even extinction, would follow. This theory of the knock-out blow from the air solidified into a consensus during the 1920s and by the 1930s had largely become an orthodoxy, accepted by pacifists and militarists alike. But the devastation feared in 1938 during the Munich Crisis, when gas masks were distributed and hundreds of thousands fled London, was far in excess of the damage wrought by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz in 1940 and 1941, as terrible as that was. The knock-out blow, then, was a myth.

But it was a myth with consequences. For the first time, The Next War in the Air reconstructs the concept of the knock-out blow as it was articulated in the public sphere, the reasons why it came to be so widely accepted by both experts and non-experts, and the way it shaped the responses of the British public to some of the great issues facing them in the 1930s, from pacifism to fascism. Drawing on both archival documents and fictional and non-fictional publications from the period between 1908, when aviation was first perceived as a threat to British security, and 1941, when the Blitz ended, and it became clear that no knock-out blow was coming, The Next War in the Air provides a fascinating insight into the origins and evolution of this important cultural and intellectual phenomenon, Britain's fear of the bomber.

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Understanding Peace book coverMichael Allen Fox
Understanding Peace: a comprehensive introduction
New York: Routledge, 2014
ISBN 978‐0‐415‐71570‐6 (paperback)

Understanding Peace: A Comprehensive Introduction fills the need for an original, contemporary examination of peace that is challenging, informative and empowering.  This well‐researched, fully documented and highly accessible study moves beyond fixation on war to highlight the human capacity for nonviolent cooperation in everyday life and in conflict situations.  After deconstructing numerous ideas about war and explaining its heavy costs to humans, animals and the environment, discussion turns to evidence for the existence of peaceful societies.  Further topics include the role of nonviolence in history, the nature of violence and aggression and the theory and practice of nonviolence.  The book offers two new moral arguments against war, and concludes by defining peace carefully from different angles and then describing conditions for creating a culture of peace.  Understanding Peace brings a fresh philosophical perspective to discussions of peace, and also addresses down‐to‐earth issues about effecting constructive change in a complex world.  The particular strength of Understanding Peace lies in its commitment to reflecting on and integrating material from many fields of knowledge. This approach will appeal to a diverse audience of students and scholars in peace studies, philosophy and the social sciences, as well as to general‐interest readers.

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Anzac Labour book coverNathan Wise
Anzac Labour: Workplace Cultures in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War
Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

Anzac Labour explores the horror, frustration and exhaustion surrounding working life in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War. Based primarily on the letters, diaries and memoirs of Australian soldiers, this book traces the history of work and workplace cultures through the training camps of Australia, the shores of Gallipoli, the fields of France and Belgium, and the desert sands of the Near East. The reader is guided through soldiers' experiences of digging through dead bodies in the trenches of the Western Front, the tension surrounding carting supplies through sniper fire on Gallipoli, and the weariness experienced by light-horsemen on long patrols through the unforgiving Egyptian desert. Anzac Labour describes how, over several long years of conflict, Australian soldiers committed their minds and bodies not only to combat but also to the daily slog of military work, truly earning their tag as 'diggers'.

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Remarkable ExistenialistsMicheal Allen Fox
The Remarkable Existentialists
Amherst, NY: Humanity/Prometheus Books, 2009
ISBN 978-1-59102-638-9 (paperback)

This clear, concise guide carefully defines existentialism, explains how it evolved and illuminates its relevance for today.  Separate chapters summarize the full range of ideas of the major thinkers in this movement: Søren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.  (This is the only introduction to existentialism to date that contains a complete chapter devoted to de Beauvoir.)  There is also a chapter explaining phenomenology—an approach characteristic of Heidegger and Sartre in particular.  Special attention is paid to the method and argumentative strategies of the existentialists, how they relate to one another and how they advance our understanding of core issues in philosophy and in everyday living.  Substantial representative passages from each philosopher are reproduced and analyzed.  A final chapter critically evaluates existentialism and considers its abiding influence on subsequent movements in philosophy.  The book features discussions of key problems in each thinker’s outlook, appendices with more detailed examination of certain topics, illustrations, questions for reflection and a generous bibliography.

Global Warming, Militarism and Nonviolence: The Art of Active Resistance book coverMarty Branagan
Global Warming, Militarism and Nonviolence: The Art of Active Resistance
Palgrave Macmillan, UK, 2013

Militarism is the elephant in the room of global warming. Of all government sectors, 'Defence' has the highest carbon footprint and expenditure, yet has largely been exempt from international scrutiny and regulation. Marty Branagan uses Australian and international case studies to show that nonviolence is a viable alternative to militarism for national defence and regime change. 'Active resistance', initiated in Australian environmental blockades and now adopted globally, makes the song 'We Shall Not Be Moved' much more realistic, as activists erect tripod villages, bury, chain and cement themselves into the ground, and 'lock-on' to machinery and gates. Active resistance, 'artistic activism', and use of new information and communication technologies in movements such as the Arab Spring and 'Occupy' demonstrate that nonviolence is an effective, evolving praxis.

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Cultivating Peace book coverHelen Ware, Bert Jenkins, Marty Branagan, D.B. Subedi
Cultivating Peace: Contexts, Practices and Multidimensional Models
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2014

Cultivating Peace: Contexts, Practices and Multidimensional Models moves away from negative connotations associated with the concept of post-conflict peacebuilding. It embraces a multiplicity of trans-disciplinary approaches to peacebuilding, mostly coinciding with the eco-horticultural metaphor of peace cultivation. Ultimately, the idea of cultivating peace embodies love and compassion, while utilising local knowledge, expertise and wisdom to do no harm. Using various case studies from across the world, the narratives and insights in this book present diverse facets of peacebuilding, yet all contribute constructive lessons. The chapters cover three general themes. Some examine the structural and discursive causes of violence and how to improve situations where violence is evident, or to prevent it from breaking out. Others deal with the aftermath of violence and how to reconcile and restore shattered lives and societies. The third group deals with positive social change by nonviolent means, which is much more constructive than the “negative peace” of ceasefires and peace enforcement used to manage direct violence. Promoting the ideal of peace cultivation, this volume emphasises ways to improve things, to suggest alternatives, and to employ initiatives to plant and grow positive changes both during the fighting and in the aftermath of violent conflicts.

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British Images of Germany book coverRichard Scully
British Images of Germany: Admiration, Antagonism & Ambivalence
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

British Images of Germany: Admiration, Antagonism & Ambivalence, 1860–1914 is the first full-length cultural history of Britain's relationship with Germany and the Germans in the key period before the First World War. Representing a recent about-face in scholarly appreciations of Anglo-German relations, Richard Scully reassesses the assumption that the relationship in the lead up to 1914 was increasingly fraught and reveals a more complex picture: that a longstanding sense of kinship felt by Britons for Germany and the Germans persisted right up to the outbreak of war, even surviving times of acute diplomatic tension. This innovative re-examination incorporates the reading of British images of Germany in maps, travel literature, fiction and political cartoons: forms which have never before been appreciated for the light they shed on this fascinating period of history.

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The Shore Whalers of Western Australia book coverMartin Gibbs
The Shore Whalers of Western Australia: Historical Archaeology of a Maritime Frontier 
Sydney University Press 2010 (in association with the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology)
ISBN: 9781920899622

Every winter between 1836 to 1879 small wooden boats left the bays of southwest Western Australia to hunt for migrating Humpback and Right whales. In the early years of European settlement these small shore whaling parties and the whale oil they produced were an important part of the colonial economy, yet over time their significance diminished until they virtually vanished from the documentary record.

Using archival research and archaeological evidence, The Shore Whalers of Western Australia examines the history and operation of this almost forgotten industry on the remote maritime frontier of the British Empire and the role of the whalers in the history of early contact between Europeans and Aboriginal people.

We shall never be moved book coverMarty Branagan
We Shall Never Be Moved: The Art of Australian Nonviolence
Lambert Academic Publishing, Koln, Germany

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and that idea is nonviolence. It has long provided an alternative method of conflict resolution to war. With global warming solutions requiring an end to militarism’s polluting excesses, this book shows that nonviolence is evolving and more viable than ever, having developed considerably since the days of Gandhi and King. Using case studies, written by an insider, of Australian blockades for the environment and Aboriginal land rights, it shows how Gandhian nonviolence has been challenged by new, more militant forms of active resistance. Such innovations make blockades more physically effective: not just ‘putting bodies on the line’, but burying those bodies up to the neck, chaining, cementing or gluing them to objects or into the ground, climbing tripods or trees, establishing other barricades, or hiding in forests. The book also examines artistic activism, wherein music, street-theatre, banners, photos and film-making have inspired and fortified activists, created solidarity and multiple foci of protest, prevented violence, gained favourable media, and educated on a variety of intellectual, emotional and physical levels.

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Accessible Hegel book coverMichael Allen Fox
The Accessible HegelAmherst, NY: Humanity/Prometheus Books, 2005
ISBN 1-59102-258-4 (paperback)

Responding to a need for a clear, accessible, jargon-free introduction to this important thinker, The Accessible Hegel is a reliable guide for students and others wishing to gain an understanding of his body of work.  The book begins with an examination of Hegel’s outlook as the culmination of German philosophy’s idealistic trend toward explaining the universe in its entirety.  Unlike Kant, who believed that human reason was limited, Hegel argued that reason has the capacity to completely unravel the mysteries of existence.  Throughout history reason has progressed, said Hegel, like an expanding circle, embracing more and more of reality.  The chief component of Hegel’s systematic approach—dialectic—is discussed in depth.  According to Hegel, in a world of becoming and persistent change, reason progresses through conflict and the resolutions that arise from comprehending the clashes between opposing and discordant elements, whether they be parts of the self, ideas, viewpoints, institutions or even historical events themselves.  Other aspects of Hegel’s thought receive careful attention as well: his difficult notion of the Absolute, dynamic conception of truth, theory of the self and the other, reflections on the master-slave pattern of human relationships and societal structures, and influence on political movements of both the Left and Right.  The book concludes with a chapter on Hegelianism and reactions and responses to Hegel, and contains several helpful illustrations.

Publications from Arts

Book Cover: Tracking the Literature of Tropical WeatherAnne Collett, Russell McDougall and Susan Thomas (Editors)
Tracking the Literature of Tropical Weather: Typhoons, Hurricanes and Cyclones
Palgrave Macmillan 2017
ISBN: 9783319415161

This book tracks across history and cultures the ways in which writers have imagined cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoons, collectively understood as “tropical weather.” Historically, literature has drawn upon the natural world for its store of symbolic language and technical device, making use of violent storms in the form of plot, drama, trope, and image in order to highlight their relationship to the political, social, and psychological realms of human affairs. Charting this relationship through writers such as Joseph Conrad, Herman Melville, Gisèle Pineau, and other writers from places like Australia, Japan, Mauritius, the Caribbean, and the Philippines, this ground-breaking collection of essays illuminates the specificities of the ways local, national, and regional communities have made sense and even relied upon the literary to endure the devastation caused by deadly tropical weather.

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Book cover: Water Policy, Imagination and InnovationRobyn Bartel, Louise Noble, Jacqueline Williams and Stephen Harris (Editors)
Water Policy, Imagination and Innovation: Interdisciplinary Approaches
Routledge 2017
ISBN: 9781138729377

This book explores creative interdisciplinary and potentially transformative solutions to the current stalemate in contemporary water policy design. A more open policy conversation about water than exists at present is proposed – one that provides a space for the role of the imagination and is inclusive – of the arts and humanities, relevant stakeholders, including landholders and Indigenous peoples, as well as science, law and economics.

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Book cover: Cultural Keywords in DiscourseCarsten Levisen and Sophia Waters (Editors)
Cultural Keywords in Discourse
John Benjamins Publishing Company 2017
ISBN: 9789027256829

Cultural keywords are words around which whole discourses are organised. They are culturally revealing, difficult to translate and semantically diverse. They capture how speakers have paid attention to the worlds they live in and embody socially recognised ways of thinking and feeling. The book contributes to a global turn in cultural keyword studies by exploring keywords from discourse communities in Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Melanesia, Mexico and Scandinavia. Providing new case studies, the volume showcases the diversity of ways in which cultural logics form and shape discourse.

The Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) approach is used as a unifying framework for the studies. This approach offers an attractive methodology for doing explorative discourse analysis on emic and culturally-sensitive grounds. Cultural Keywords in Discourse will be of interest to researchers and students of semantics, pragmatics, cultural discourse studies, linguistic ethnography and intercultural communication.

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Book Cover: Valentina Gosetti-Aloysius Bertrand's Gaspard de la Nuit: Beyond the Prose Poem Valentina Gosetti
Aloysius Bertrand's Gaspard de la Nuit: Beyond the Prose Poem
Routledge 2016
ISBN: 9781909662834

Aloysius Bertrand’s Gaspard de la Nuit (1842) is a familiar title to music lovers, thanks to Ravel’s piano work of the same name, and to specialists of French literature, especially those interested in Baudelaire’s prose poetry. Yet until very recently the collection and its author have generally been viewed almost exclusively through the prism of their pioneering role in the development of the prose poem. By placing Bertrand back in his original context, adopting a comparative approach and engaging with recent critical work on the collection, Valentina Gosetti proposes a substantial reassessment of Gaspard de la Nuit and promotes a new understanding of Bertrand in his own terms, rather than those of his successors. Through his playful and ironic reinterpretation of Romantic clichés, and his overt defiance of the boundaries of poetry and beauty, Bertrand emerges as a fascinating figure in his own right.

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Book cover: Jeremy Fisher-Dirty Little Dog Jeremy Fisher
The Dirty Little Dog
Fat Frog Books 2016
ISBN: 9780959035063

A dystopic novel set in a Sydney-like city. Media mogul Wardell Costello competes with Premier Dianne Martinelli for control and power. Wardell's son Julian disappears leaving behind a gruesome murder of one of Martinelli's special goons. Detetive-Seargeant Terry Bradley and his journalist boyfriend Jack Rutherford are soon on a chase to find Julian and return him to his not-so-loving father.

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Book cover of Came to New EnglandJohn Ryan and Warren Newman (Editors)
Came to New England
University of New England 2014
ISBN: 9781921597596

This book may well be regarded by the reader, whether New Englander or a curious researcher into Australian society and its modes of higher education, as a form of celebratory chronicle of distinctive times and of a unique regional place - one already highly significant in the great twentieth century expansion, evolution and devolution of tertiary education, well away from the state capitals of Australia. We can report that most contributors have sought to catch the spirit and style of their earlier days here, even as we are much in harmony with the other project alongside ours, that concerned to celebrate the sesquicentenary of local government in the cathedral city and its nearer surrounding district. For the two are ever coming together more and more through graduations, processions, 'prosh' styles of parades, sport, denominational spheres, the theatre, as well as through work, mutual respect, and fine shared community projects, both cultural and recreational.

Hale - Maurice Gee book coverElizabeth Hale (Editor)
Maurice Gee — A Literary Companion: The Fiction for Young Readers
University of Otago Press 2014
ISBN: 978-1-877578-84-7

'This book is the first of two that pays tribute to Maurice Gee's distinctive contribution to New Zealand literature. Gee's fiction for younger readers blends exciting stories with serious issues. Told through a range of genres — from fantasy to realism, adventure to science fiction, mysteries, psychological thrillers, and gangster stories — his stories offer a distinctive body of work that shows New Zealand to children and young adults.'

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Deferranti - book coverHugh de Ferranti and Alison Tokita
Music, Modernity and Locality in Prewar Japan: Osaka and Beyond 
Publisher: Ashgate 2013
ISBN-10: 1409411117

'This anthology addresses the modern musical culture of interwar Osaka and its surrounding Hanshin region. It is the first to draw together research on the interwar musical culture of the Osaka region and addresses comprehensively both Western and non-Western musical practices and genres, questions the common perception of their being wholly separate domains in interwar Japan, and gives due weight to their overlap in the creation of new hybrid genres. This empirically grounded investigation explores Osaka's modern musical culture to better understand the effects of regional geography, demography, history and tradition on processes of modernisation.'

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Cover: How to tell your father to drop deadJeremy Fisher
How to tell your father to drop dead ... and other stories
Publisher: Fat Frog Books (Sydney) 2013
ISBN: 978-0959035-04-9
ISBN: 978-0959035-05-6 e-publication

Jeremy Fisher's book sees him wrestling with his obsessions, exploring and encountering the world in a range of voices and genres. The personal and political merge in these stories, which often veer on the edge of reality. Some, such as "On Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse in a Vietnamese café" and "Mementoes", are meditations on life and its simplicities and complexities. "Letter to my children" addresses spiritual heirs. In "The rotary coconut scraper" a bemused tourist encounters the wrath of the Sri Lankan Army while in "The North German Publishing Company" an author finds his book a success in Germany, but as a comedy, not the tragedy he thought he wrote. The title story, a powerful account of the death of a parent, details the bonds of love and duty between father and son. In this book you will find sex, death, love, blood and lust along with laughter and delight.

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Anne Pender: Book distant shoreBruce Bennett and Anne Pender
From a Distant Shore: Australian Writers in Britain 1820–2012
Publisher: Monash University Publishing 2013
ISBN: 978-1-921867-94-1

Bruce Bennett and Anne Pender explore the lives and creative work of Australia's many expatriate writers living and working in Britain since the early nineteenth century. They contest the notion of Australia as an 'import culture' and show Australians exporting literary talent to Britain and further afield from 1820 until the present. Stories of the lives and work of writers working in all genres, from romance and crime to contemporary literary fiction, are interweaved in a collective biography.

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Anne Pender: Book distant shore John Ryan
In the Nameless Wood: Explorations in the Philological Hinterland of Tolkien's Literary Creations
Publisher: Walking Tree Publishers  2013
ISBN: 3-905703-30-0

This collection of essays pursues Professor Tolkien's narrow path through the nameless wood of unchartered territory between academic research and myth-creation culminating in the writing of the 20th century's masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings.

Deferranti Colonial Modernity book coverYamauchi Furnitaka and Hugh de Ferranti (Editors)
Colonial Modernity and East Asian Musics
The World of Music Special Issue 2012

'This special issue includes contributions by prominent music researchers based in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. One of the first attempts to present scholarly work on music in colonial era East Asia in a thematically coordinated manner, the issue delineates diverse experiences of colonialism and modernity among musicians in Korea, Taiwan, Japanese-occupied Shanghai, and naichi or 'home islands' Japan.'

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Nobe - Medical Cannabalism book coverLouise Noble
Medicinal Cannibalism in Early Modern English Literature and Culture
Palgrave Macmillan 2011
ISBN-10: 0230110274

Medicinal Cannibalism in Early Modern English Literature and Culture examines an important moment in the long history of the medical use and abuse of the human body. In early modern Protestant England, the fragmented corpse was processed, circulated, and ingested as a valuable drug in a medical economy underpinned by a brutal judicial system. In a meticulous engagement with an extensive range of medical, religious, and literary texts, I show how early modern writers became obsessed with medicinal cannibalism and its uncanny link to the contested Eucharist sacrament. In the process, I have identified startling continuities between early modern and contemporary medical consumptions of the body.

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Williamson - Australian DocumentariesDugald Williamson, Trish FitzSimons, Pat Laughren
Australian Documentary: History, Practices and Genres
Cambridge University Press 2011

Australian Documentary brings to life over a century of documentary making, from the earliest days of cinema to the coming of television and the present digital age. Documentary is the oldest continuous form of screen production in Australia and today plays a pivotal part in our creative industries. This  book addresses the issues facing today's documentary makers and explores the role of the documentary in shaping the Australian nation and its changing identity. It connects the Australian experience of documentary making to international debates in screen criticism, theory and history.Australian Documentary draws on extensive scholarly research and interviews with leading industry sources and documentary makers and discusses over two hundred documentaries.

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Book cover: Anne Pender - One Man ShowAnne Pender
One Man Show: The Stages of Barry Humphries 
Harper Collins 2010
ISBN: 9780733325915

One Man Show examines the life, and the aspirations, of Barry Humphries — satirist, comedian and burlesque entertainer — who is arguably the greatest comic genius of our age. From his youthful pranks on the staid streets of Melbourne, the phenomenon that was Barry Mackenzie, and the dark years of alcoholism, through to his successes on television and Broadway, this finely drawn portrait reveals the truth of Humphries' world. It is the definitive story of a mysterious individual and his theatrical magic.

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Art without borders - book coverTara Forrest and Anna Teresa Scheer (Editors)
Christoph Schlingensief: Art without Borders

Bristol: Intellect, 2010

The work of acclaimed German artist Christoph Schlingensief spans three decades and a diverse range of fields, including, film, television, activism, opera, and theatre. Christoph Schlingensief: Art without Borders is the first book to be published in English on Schlingensief’s groundbreaking, politically engaged body of work. Leading scholars in the field offer a critical assessment of Schlingensief’s hybrid practice, and an interview with Schlingensief himself provides the reader with insight into past and present projects. The book will be an essential resource for artists, curators, students, and academics in the fields of theatre and performance studies, film studies, cultural studies, German studies, political activism, and art history.

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Deferranti - The Last Biwa Singer book coverHugh de Ferranti
The Last Biwa Singer: A blind musician in history, imagination and performance
University of Hawai'i Press, Hardcover edition (July 1, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1933947136

'This work is an exposition of the traditions of Japanese blind singers who accompanied themselves on the biwa, and of the complex identity of Yamashika Yoshiyuki (1901–1996), a man widely portrayed as the last such living relic of the medieval bards called biwa hoshi.'

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Cover: Music from another country Jeremy Fisher
Music from another Country
Publisher: 2009
ISBN: 1409284166

'This is a story about heroes, but not heroics. It is a story of men living their lives — quietly and peacefully. But life has moments when it is neither, when things happen, life changes and men are forced to face themselves. Neil Piggott was a pilot flying Lancasters in World War II. Now he is an old man who likes to potter in his garden. Hidden in the house is the medal he won in the War, the Victoria Cross. His grandson Alex has just met Alyson. She's a friend of his brother Kieran. Alyson has taken Alex into her bed. And told him secrets about his brother Kieran. Neil already knows these secrets. He's faced death before. He can help Kieran face his. 'A pleasure to read and reread ... an unusual, yet persuasive, perspective of Australian society.' Bruce Sims

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Book cover - Shakespeare's King Lear Yvonne Griggs
Shakespeare's King Lear: The Relationship between Text and Film
Screen Adaptations Series
Methuen Drama, A & C Publishers Ltd. 2009

Shakespeare's plays have been adapted for the screen since the early days of cinema, and continue to thrive within today's global cine-market. This book engages with current debates on Shakespeare on screen in relation to King Lear and the varied array of film adaptations it continues to generate. The study widens the circle of debate by replacing value judgements based on notions of  literary pedigree with meaningful discussion about the process of adaptation from text to screen, and the significance of cinematic genre. It offers new ways of reading canonical and art house screen adaptations of King Lear, and brings into the critical fold a number of long-neglected mainstream genre films that make intriguing connections with Shakespeare's revered tragedy.

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Book cover - French seventeenth century literatureJane Southwood and Bernard Bourque (Editors)
French Seventeenth-Century Literature. Influences and Transformations
Essays in Honour of Christopher J. Gossip. Medieval and Early Modern French Studies 7,
Series Editor, Noël Peacock
Peter Lang, 2009

This volume of essays explores influences from Antiquity onwards that shaped the literary and cultural output of the French seventeenth century and the developments to which this period — the so-called 'classical' period — gave rise in later centuries. The thirteen essays in English and French cover three major areas: the continuation in French seventeenth-century literature and cultural events of themes found in previous centuries; internal changes within the body of writings by French seventeenth-century playwrights; the influence of seventeenth-century French writers on later centuries. The collection celebrates the life and scholarly achievements of the eminent dix-septiémiste Christopher J. Gossip, Emeritus Professor of French, University of New England, Australia.

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Book cover: Pender - Nick EnrightAnne Pender
Nick Enright: An Actor's Playwright
Rodopi 2008
ISBN-10: 9042024607

'Pender's book offers a comprehensive study of Enright's writing for theatre, film and television. Scholars, acting teachers and theatre directors have contributed to this work each illuminating an aspect of Enright's remarkable career. The discussions cover interpretations of Enright's scripts and productions, detailed analysis of his directing style, substantial background and analysis of his writing for musicals, as well as accounts of his specific approach to acting and to adaptation across genres.'

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High Lean Country book coverRyan, J.S. , Atkinson, A.T., Davidson, I., Piper, A.K.
High Lean Country
Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest
ISSN: 9781741750867

What does 'New England' mean? The 2005 telephone directory lists nearly a hundred enterprises using the name, from 'New England Embroidery' to 'New England Tractors'. Half of them are in or around Armidale, but others are scattered through Uralla, Glen Innes, Tenterfield, Inverell and Moree, and as far south as Tamworth, Quirindi and Gunnedah. Obviously, the name has a living significance. It offers a sense of place reaching beyond any one town or district, which to the enterprising mind also means reaching an extended market. On the other hand, it has geographical limits. In the north, there is the Queensland border. On the western slopes the pleasant reaches of the Gwydir River throw up some feeble terminological competition. So we find 'Gwydir Glass', 'Gwydir Olives' and 'Gwydir Air'. There is no 'New England' beyond Moree. To the east, across the escarpment, the name is no use at all. There, the coastal rivers, the beaches and the ocean provide a sens of place for which the name is totally irrelevant. But within certain boundaries, 'New England' reigns supreme. It has a real existence in local imagination.

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Book cover: Christina Stead - Satirist- Anne Pender Anne Pender
Christina Stead: Satirist
Australian Book Reviews Publishing 2002
ISSN: 0155-2864

'Pender's is the first study to focus on Stead the satirist (though the claim that 'critics have chosen to ignore the satire in her fiction' overstates the case considerably). She locates Stead within a tradition that begins with Horace and Juvenal, and is still current in the postmodernists Pynchon and Rushdie. Pender reads her as part of a general emergence of parodic satire between the wars, in company with Huxley, Waugh and Orwell, and, during the cold war, with Lillian Hellman and Arthur Miller.'