Research Excellence

UNE’s research is benchmarked against international quality standards. This is assessed independently, through a national research evaluation program conducted every three years by the Australian Research Council, called Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA).

Each assessment round, universities are assigned ratings for research excellence in fields of research where they are predominately active.

Below is a summary of UNE’s achievements in ERA 2018.

Rating 5 - Well above world standard


Rating 4 - Above world standard


Rating 3 - World standard


A complete list of UNE’s results is available on the ARC website.

ERA outcomes provide valuable feedback to the Australian government and the general public about the overall performance of Australia’s research system.

These ratings also provide useful quality indicators to support monitoring and planning within universities. These assessments allow UNE to identify its strengths and emerging research capabilities, as well as to establish quality targets across its disciplines.

Specifically, UNE uses ERA outcomes to help inform its strategic direction, and to align internal research support and development activities, such as its postdoctoral research fellowships and HDR scholarship programs.

UNE's previous ERA results from 2015 are also available.