About UNE's research engagement

The Australian Government’s Watt Report 2015 — Review of Research Policy and Funding Arrangements contains important recommendations for universities. These include the following recommendations with regard to assessment of impact and engagement.

Recommendation (Refer p. 74 of the Watt Report for more details.)

  1. The Australian Government commit to the assessment of the economic, social and other benefits of university research through an impact and engagement assessment framework, which will have an impact on future research funding.

In the recent ARC Engagement and Impact Assessment Consultation, the general model for the assessment put forward was:

  • comprehensive engagement assessment of university research, and
  • impact assessment that exposes performance at institution and discipline level and the steps taken to achieve impact.

UNE participated in the Engagement and Impact Assessment trial in 2017.

Definition of engagement

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) definition of engagement follows:

Engagement describes the interaction between researchers and research organisations and their larger communities/industries for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge, understanding and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.

(ATSE Research Engagement for Australia, March 2015, p. 7)

Additional information for UNE researchers with regard to engagement will be available in due course.