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Date: 13 Aug

UNE’s Centre for Agriculture and Law involved in the development of a new global soil management and governance database SoiLEX

Published date: 13/08/2020

Dr Ian Hannam is an Adjunct Associate Professor with UNE’s Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law. He is also a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) and Chair Emeritus of the WCEL’s Specialist Group on Soil, Desertification and Sustainable Agriculture. Ian is a collaborator with […]

Date: 20 May

ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH – see bottom of page for registration details.

Published date: 20/05/2020

Professor Paul Martin is the Director of the Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law in the School of Law at the University of New England. Along with Marcia Leuzinger, Solange Teles and Gabriel Leunzinger, Paul is the co-author of a new book titled ‘Achieving Biodiversity Protection in Megadiverse Countries’.  Paul says this book is significant […]

Date: 06 Apr

Professor Paul Martin and Professor Mark Perry on- ‘Why we need to give innovators a fair go with IP processes to make Australia globally competitive!’

Published date: 06/04/2020

  Professors Mark Perry and Paul Martin have recently submitted an application to the Australian Research Council Discovery Projects to fund a project that will commence in 2021. Having previously collaborated with researchers from North and South America, Europe, India and New Zealand the Professors will develop further their research on innovation systems and intellectual […]