New user - UNE SMART Farms

A User form for the UNE SMART Farms to capture the different research, teaching and other activities that are happening.

What is your role in the university and which school are you part of? E.g. HDR student/ERS, research academic/S&T, teaching staff/SABL, technician etc. Or if a non-UNE user which organisation are you a part of and what is your role?
Induction * Have you completed a SMART Farms induction?
What activity do you wish to undertake on the Farms? Please explain in a couple of sentences. For example: Botanical assessment of Eucalypt species on Mt Duval
Start Date of activity? * What is your anticipated start date?
Completion date of activity? * What is your anticipated completion date of activity?
Resources * Which Property/ies do you wish to use for this activity?
Type and number of stock required.
Type and quantity of land required.
How many staff, how often, for how long?
If you need feed provide required feed type and amount.
Do you have the required ethics approval for your project? (only relevant for projects involving animals, and teaching) Please provide your ethics approval number