Tertiary Education

Undergraduate Education

Being within walking distance or a short drive from the main UNE campus the UNE SMART Farms are used extensively for undergraduate teaching across a range of disciplines.  Students studying a range of degrees will access the farms for their learning including in the areas of agriculture, animal production, agronomy, precision agriculture, zoology, natural resource management and ecosystem function.

VET Sector

RuralBiz training have partnered with UNE to deliver units as part of the integrated Agricultural Production and Management degree. Students study a mix of VET and university units to exit with an Associate Degree or Bachelor.  RuralBiz Training are now offering on-campus units which make extensive use of the UNE SMART Farms.

SMART Farm Learning Hub

A collaboration across 7 universities and 15 industry and AgTech companies, the SMART Farm Learning Hub provides learning modules for secondary and tertiary students that make use of real farm data including from the UNE SMART Farms.