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NEIHR partners with UNE researchers and other collaborative groups to ensure engagement with community and input from consumers to improve the lives of regional and rural Australians.

Q Fever Consortium

The Q Fever Research Consortium has been established (2018) to address the unrecognised burden of Q Fever in rural NSW and QLD and protect the health of high risk groups of people living in these regions. The consortium is a multidisciplinary collaboration of researchers and public health practitioners from NSW, QLD and VIC with expert knowledge in public health, microbiology, clinical immunology, economics, computational science, biostatistics, epidemiology, and primary health care practice.

Civic Research and Innovation Network (CRaIN)

The Civic Research & Innovation Network (CRaIN) was established in 2015 to enable collaboration between the community, NGOs and UNE.  CRaIN encompasses more than 80 organisations across the New England and Northwest NSW. Once a year CRaIN partners come to together to attend Professional Upgrade Seminars hosted by UNE.  These seminars target specific community issues such as Health & Wellbeing; and are often followed by workshop sessions where research and innovation opportunities are discussed, planned and pursued.