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Bioregional Planning: Resource Management Beyond the New Millennium - Brunckhorst, D.

Brunckhorst, D.J. 2000. Bioregional Planning: Resource Management Beyond the New Millennium. Harwood Academic, Amsterdam.

Presenting a pragmatic mixture of science, landscape ecology, ecosystem management, sociology, policy development and methods for transforming social and institutional cultures. Bioregional Planning: Resource Management Beyond the New Millennium is a timely and practical guide for the analysis, planning and development of bioregional projects for a sustainable future. Significantly, this book presents the strategic actions necessary to plan for, manage and adapt to Ecologically Sustainable Development with a view beyond the new millennium and towards the next.

Postgraduates, researchers and policy makers in natural resources management, land planning, sustainable agriculture, rural sciences, ecosystem management and conservation biology will find this book captures the essence of bioregional planning succinctly and makes a compelling argument for why it is a key mechanism in the development of effective governance institutions.

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Reinventing the Common: Cross-boundary farming for a sustainable future - Williamson, S., Brunckhorst, D., Kelly, G.

Williamson, S., Brunckhorst, D. and Kelly, G. 2003. Reinventing the Common: Cross-boundary farming for a sustainable future. The Federation Press, Sydney.

Across Australia, farmers and rural communities are seeking ways to salvage ailing land and struggling communities. Many farms are too small to be economically viable and region's environmental issues cannot usually be resolved within a single farm's boundaries.

This book suggests a potential solution, a possible means of achieving better land care, more sustainable and profitable production, and greater community. It argues that common property resource systems, where neighbouring landowners make decisions together to manage their land as a common region can provide scales of economy benefiting the environment, time and labour and the 'bottom-line'. The book discusses how this can be done.

The authors, a researcher in landscape ecology and specialist property lawyers, explain how the old idea of "commons" works and how it fits into modern Australian real property law. They recount the experience of four grazing families in the New England Tablelands who got together to form Tilbuster Commons across their adjoining properties. They finish with two chapters discussing the major legal issues, particularly business structures and leases, and including precedent.

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Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management - Marshall, G.

Marshall, G.R. 2005. Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management: Renegotiating the Commons. Earthscan, London.

Mainstream economics has a tight grip on public discourse, yet remains poorly equipped to comprehend the collaborative vision for managing environmental and resource commons. This ground-breaking book diagnoses the weaknesses of mainstream economics in analysing collaborative and other decentralized approaches to environmental management, and presents a unique operational approach to how collaborative environmental governance might be brought to fruition in a variety of contexts, whether in industrialized or developing countries. The result is a powerful, useful and badly needed approach to economics for collaborative environmental management of the commons.

Book Review, ECOS Magazine, Issue 128, December-January 2006.
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Part I: The Collaborative Vision * Progress, Sustainability and Economics * Part II: Theory and Method for an Economics of Collaborative Environmental Management * The View from Mainstream Economics * Developments in Collective Action Theory for Commons Management * An Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM) * Part III: Lessons from the Field * Challenges and Strategies for CEM: Insights from International Experience * From Antagonism to Trust: Australia's Murray Darling Basin * Part IV: Grounding the Collaborative Vision * Rethinking Policy, Practice and Research * Myth, Enlightenment and Economics * Bibliography, Index

What People Have Said

'This book is simply a little gem. I have used it myself in my own graduate seminar. I have already written several colleagues with recommendations that they get the book immediately. So, I am not writing a rave book review and then not using the book myself. It is an amazing synthesis of earlier work as well as an excellent plan for future research in this challenging area of interest to environmental economists and policy analysts alike'.
Elinor Ostrom, 2007, Ecological Economics, vol. 62, pp. 759-760.

'... the author is able to maintain a balance between promoting his vision and the real difficulties and obstacles faced in achieving this vision. This, I think, is a reflection of his practical experience and a strength of the book. ... [T]he book is very useful and a must read for those involved at any level with the design and implementation of projects promoting collaborative work for environmental enhancement or protection.'
Alan Renwick, 2007, Journal of Agricultural Economics 58(2): 379-380.
' ... the author presents an excellent consolidation of pertinent economic theory and a methodology by which economic analysis can be applied to achieving the aspirations and goals of collaborative environmental management … This book will be a valuable reference for both policy makers and scholars looking to advance and empirically test economy theory in this complex, yet highly relevant area.'
Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 52(2): 214-215.

'[This book] raises the level of discussion to another level, and thus constitutes significant contributions to the literature on collaborative management. .... [It] pushes the field beyond uncritical normative studies into more institutionally focused examinations of performance.'
David Lewis Feldman, 2007, Human Ecology.

'... [T]he review of the economics of collaborative resource management is the real contribution of the book, as Marshall expertly draws together a literature that is often confusing and inaccessible ... [A]cademic staff and postgraduate students will benefit greatly from reading this text, as many of the insights offered by Marshall into economic theory can be applied to research domains other than resource management. For example, his discussion of adaptation and New Institutional Economics has resonances with any area of government policy, including my own research interest in regional development agencies.'
Andrew Beer, 2007, Geographical Research 45(1): 109-110.

'The concepts of collaborative environmental management [discussed in the book] could be applied in other fields, such as rural development where 'top-down' decision making has been the norm ... Managers can use this material to evaluate their way of managing and explore how the concepts of collaborative environmental management could benefit the organization.'
E.G. Smith, 2007, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 122: 494-495.

'Marshall's book is very accessible to non-economists and should be of great interest, particularly to those engaged in developing innovative but effective approaches to environmental management. But the book is equally important to practising economists who will be reminded how their thinking has been structured, resulting in the current management approaches, and, even more importantly, how these approaches can be extended to successfully include the collaborative vision underpinned by an evolving economic theory'
Ingrid van Puten, 2006, Rural Society 16(1): 116-118.

'Marshall has re-grafted economics to the philosophical roots of collaborative environmental management, given stakeholders a pragmatic economics for "bottom-up" conflict resolution and eliminated the need for "top-down" economic experts. Beautifully reasoned and wonderfully practical!'
Richard B. Norgaard, Energy and Resources Program, University of California, Berkeley, US

'If the potential of collaborative management is ever realized, it will owe a debt to this book. It provides a foundational economic theory of learning coming from complex adaptive systems thinking tested with field experience'
Allan Schmid, University Distinguished Professor, Agricultural Economics Department, Michigan State University, US

'Marshall argues that mainstream economics, captive as it is of the prisoner's dilemma and the dangers of free-riding, is in a blind alley when it comes to contributing to constructive debate on governance of the commons. This is a significant book, which draws on the new institutional economics to indicate a productive way in which economists could contribute to thinking on common property natural resource management'
Warren Musgrave, Emeritus Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of New England, Australia

'Economic thought and emerging collaborative environmental governance are important areas of thought and application, but are mostly found at great distance from each other and very often in conflict. Marshall not only clearly demonstrates why this is so, he goes on to detail an alternative pathway that can strengthen both of these fields in both their theory and practice. This is a most impressive feat, and this is a book thoroughly deserving a very wide readership'
Stephen Dovers, Senior Fellow, Australian National University

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Crime in Rural Australia - Barclay, E., Donnermeyer, J., Scott, J., Hogg, R.

Barclay, E., Donnermeyer, J., Scott, J. and Hogg, R. Eds. 2007. Crime in Rural Australia. The Federation Press, Sydney.

Contemporary rural crime is more varied and sophisticated than it once was. The new forms range from agricultural crimes, such as the theft of water designated for agricultural production, to environmental crimes such as the illegal dumping of waste. They take place side by side with "traditional" rural
crimes such as cattle duffing while "urban" crimes such as drug and alcohol abuse and violent assaults are also prevalent, and on the rise.

Crime in Rural Australia covers them all. It brings together leading academics who examine the major dimensions of crime and justice in rural and regional Australia including:

  • the extent of rural crime
  • farm crime
  • violence
  • juvenile crime
  • policing
  • Indigenous crime and justice
  • crime prevention
  • drugs
  • fear of crime, and
  • sentencing and punishment.

It includes vignettes on rural policing and the stock squad from the perspectives of the NSW police.

An ideal text for rural crime and criminology courses, Crime in Rural Australia will also be of interest to criminal justice practitioners, policy-makers, and criminology scholars.

Three of the editors, Dr Elaine Barclay, Dr John Scott and Associate Professor Russell Hogg, are associated with the University of New England. Professor Joseph F. Donnermeyer is a leading US scholar on rural crime at Ohio State University.

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'Sea-Change' and Landscape Change: A spatial examination of trend and alternative landscape futures for the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales, Australia - Morley, P., Brunckhorst, D.

Morley, P. and Brunckhorst, D. 2010. 'Sea-Change' and Landscape Change: A spatial examination of trend and alternative landscape futures for the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales, Australia. Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrüken, Germany.

Past policies and landscape changes influence future directions. Human society tooled with powerful machines since the industrial revolution have become the major altering force on landscapes and regions. The affluence of some recent generations in developed countries adds further social expectations
for change, particularly urban development in naturally aesthetic places. Internal migration to a comfortable beach side lifestyle or ''hobby farm'' puts enormous pressure on local government to make land available and provide services to meet these expectations. Pro-development policies and planning
has therefore created landscape changes that include the loss of agricultural land, vegetation communities, and an increased demand on ecosystem services. The use of remote sensing and geographical information systems allows the modelling and visualisation of future landscapes and regions. Subsequent
scenario creation and analysis provides the capacity to make informed decisions today about the landscapes of the future.

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Incorporating Socio-Economic Criteria into Marine Reserve Planning: Exploring trade-offs in marine reserve placement - Morley, P.

Morley, P. 2010. Incorporating Socio-Economic Criteria into Marine Reserve Planning: Exploring trade-offs in marine reserve placement. Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrüken, Germany.

While land uses have long been regulated, people have always enjoyed the common property rights and inherent freedoms of the seas. The 'sudden'' control of these marine environments brought about by marine reserve placement is often perceived to violate these long-standing rights and is hence causing numerous conflicts throughout the world. This study looks at the initial considerations and factors of how the support of stakeholders and local communities can be obtained to help ensure the success of a planned marine protected area. This is carried out by looking at the Australian Government''s policy on marine protected areas, how marine reserves are chosen, and explores the socio¬economic impacts of marine reserve placement. Finally, multiple criteria analysis is assessed as to its value as tool in the planning process.

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Water Policy, Imagination and Innovation, Bartel, R., Noble, L., Williams, J., Harris, S. 2017

Bartel, R., Noble, L., Williams, J., Harris, S. 2017, Water Policy, Imagination and Innovation: Interdisciplinary Approaches, Routledge

This book explores creative interdisciplinary and potentially transformative solutions to the current stalemate in contemporary water policy design. A more open policy conversation about water than exists at present is proposed – one that provides a space for the role of the imagination and is inclusive – of the arts and humanities, relevant stakeholders, including landholders and Indigenous peoples, as well as science, law and economics.

Written for a wide audience, including practitioners and professional readers, as well as scholars and students, the book demonstrates the value of multiple disciplines, voices, perspectives, knowledges and different ways of relating to water. It provides a fresh and timely response to the urgent need for water policy that works to achieve sustainability, and may be better able to resolve complex environmental, social and cultural water issues. Utilising a broad range of evidentiary sources and case studies from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere, the authors of this edited collection demonstrate how new ways of thinking and imagining water are not only possible but already practised, and growing in saliency and impact. The current dominance of narrower ways of conceptualising our relationship with water is critiqued, including market valuation and water privatisation, and more innovative alternatives are described, including those that recognise the importance of place-based stories and narratives, adopt traditional ecological knowledge and relational water appreciations, and apply cutting-edge behavioural and ecological systems science.

The book highlights how innovative approaches drawing on a wide range of views may counter prevailing policy myopia, enable reflexive governance and transform water policy towards addressing water security questions and the broader challenges posed by the Anthropocene and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Journal Papers

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Journal Papers from 2016

Addinsall, C., Glencross, K., Rihai, N., Kalomor, L., Palmer, G., Nichols, D., & Smith, R. G. B. (2016). Enhancing agroforestry in Vanuatu: striking the balance between individual entrepreneurship and community development (Vol. 25, pp. 96). United Kingdom: Taylor & Francis.

Smith, R. G. B., Glencross, K., Nichols, J. D., G, P., & Viranamangga, R. (2016). Effect of Initial Spacing on First Thinning Product Recovery, and Financial Outcomes in Whitewood ('Endospermum medullosum') Plantations in Vanuatu (Vol. 15, pp. 59). The Netherlands: Springer Netherlands.

Journal Papers from 2015

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Journal Papers from 2014

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Journal Papers from 2012 and 2013

Chang, H.S. , Dowa, E., Malie, R., Anton, C., Anamo, I., Dekene, P. and Bubun, D. 2013. 'Linking smallholder farmers to microcredit providers in Papua New Guinea: A participatory action research approach'.  Australasian Agribusiness Review. 21: 60-82.

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Journal Papers from 2010 and 2011

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Journal Papers from 2008 and 2009

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Journal Papers from 2006 and 2007

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Journal Papers from 1991 and 2005

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Conference Papers

Conference Papers from 2015

Chang, C. 2015. 'Future Prospects for Sweetpotato Processing in Papua New Guinea'. 59th annual conference of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, Rotorua, New Zealand, 10-13 February.

East, M. and Baker, D. 2015. 'Quality attributes in Australian lamb: a review'. 59th annual conference of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, Rotorua, New Zealand, 10-13 February.

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Conference Papers from 2014

East, M. 2014, 'Great White Butterfly: Benefit Cost Analysis of Eradication from New Zealand', poster presentation, Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Conference, Port Macquarie, 3-7 February.

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Conference Papers from 2012 to 2013

McNeill, J., Williams, J. and Coleman, M. 2013, 'What are we Teaching and why it Matters: A Survey of the Australian and New Zealand university macroeconomics curriculum in a post-GFC, ecologically stressed world'. Paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics 2013 Conference, Canberra, 11-14 November.

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Reports in 2012 and 2013

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Related Project

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Related Project

Reports in 2010 and 2011

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

Reports in 2008 and 2009

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

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Related Project

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