Scoping the Selection of Baseline Socio-economic Indicators for Cotton Communities

Objectives of the project were:

  • To scope the selection of socio-economic indicators for cotton catchment communities
  • To engage stakeholders in those communities in the identification of issues relevant to the sustainability of their livelihoods

Fieldwork for the study was undertaken mainly in the communities of Narrabri, Warren and Narromine. It was the first stage of a process aimed at assisting the industry and its communities to manage change effectively. The industry was expected to benefit from a better understanding of the factors affecting the economic and social condition of cotton communities, the change processes in those communities, and the means by which these factors and changes might be managed. Conversely, cotton communities were expected to benefit from a better understanding of the changes taking place and expected to take place in the industry, so that they might better manage the evolving changes. The study proposed a set of indicators to monitor economic and social changes in the industry and these communities over the life of the CRC.

Completed in 2006

Funded by: Cotton Catchment Communities CRC

Contact: Richard Stayner