National Audit of Changes in Farmer Environmental Attitudes since 1991

This project repeated a national survey of farmers' attitudes on a range of environmental and economic issues that was undertaken by the Rural Development Centre in 1991. There were a number of changes in farmers' opinions about various issues. Generally, the changes between 1991 and 2000 were not large, but were nonetheless statistically significant. Overall, it appeared that rural environmental issues were better understood than they were in 1991. In the nine years since 1991, farmers appeared to have gained a fuller appreciation of the policies of environmental organisations, although their support for these organisations had declined. For many issues, more farmers appeared to be aware of the compexities and uncertainities in these issues, and fewer were inclined to believe there were simple solutions.

The project complemented the work of the National Land and Water Resources Audit. 

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Final Report
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Changing Attitudes on the Land - Project Brochure
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Completed in 2001

Funded by: Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation

Contact: Ian Reeve