Murray Darling Basin Commission Integrated Catchment Management Performance Measures

In 2004, the Institute for Rural Futures worked with Colmar Brunton Social Research to develop a series of benchmark surveys of the Murray Darling Basin Commission's stakeholders in the Basin to evaluate the extent to which the principles and values set out in the Commission's 2001 policy paper on Integrated Catchment Management were being followed in natural resource management in the Basin.  The benchmarks were based on a series of performance measures developed by the Commission's Community Advisory Committee in 2003.  The project devoted considerable effort to translating these measures and the conceptual principles and values set out in the 2001 policy paper into simple measurable indicators that could be used in stakeholder phone surveys.  These indicators covered such things as community participation in natural resource management and the relationships between local government, State agencies and catchment management organisations.

Completed in 2004

Funded by: Murray Darling Basin Commission

Contact: Ian Reeve