Mature Men Matter

This project, undertaken as a series of workshops across the New England North West region of NSW had the goal to assist in improving mature (defined as 40 years and over) men's well-being, though promoting the concept of peer support men for men at a local and regional level. This project attracted state-wide, national, and even international, attention as an innovative grassroots approach to enhancing mental health and wellbeing. In conjunction with Grant Dodwell of Innerplay it included the innovative use of theatre to explore issues of life change.

This project contributed to an understanding of:

  1. Gender specific issues for rural men as they negotiate life change.
  2. The link between participation in non-formal and informal learning, health and wellbeing of older rural men.
  3. The link between participation in non-formal learning and social capital in a rural Australian context.
  4. The role of service providers in supporting men at a community level as they negotiate life changes.

Completed in 2003

Funded by: Department of Health and Ageing; Department of Veterans' Affairs

Contact: The Institute for Rural Futures