Linkages between Agriculture and Rural Communities

This report summarised the way economic linkages between the farm sector and rural communities have changed over the course of rural settlement history. These changes originated in several places: in the farm sector itself, in the 'upstream' and 'downstream' industries associated with the farm sector, in other industry sectors represented in rural communities, and in economy-wide technological, demographic and social influences. This led to at least a partial 'uncoupling' of the fortunes of rural communities from the inherently variable fortunes of the farm sector, and may well have reduced the vulnerability of many rural communities to that instability. As the socio-economic dimensions of rural communities appear to become more diverse, they also appear to become more closely integrated with the forces driving the national economy. Census data for 2006 indicated that rural regions have recently experienced significant employment growth in industries that grew strongly at the national level, especially the construction and service industries.

Completed in 2008.

Funded by: Vic DPI and NSW DPI

Contact: Richard Stayner