Comparing the NSW DECCW Energy Saver Program with Similar Programs elsewhere in Australia and Internationally

In 2008, the New South Wales Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) introduced the Energy Saver program, giving medium to large businesses in NSW the opportunity to have a partially subsidised energy audit carried out by a qualified auditor. Under this program, technical and staff support is also provided by DECCW to help businesses implement energy efficiency opportunities identified during the audit.

DECCW contracted the Institute to complete a comparative literature review to identify features of similar programs in Australia and internationally, that may be included in the DECCW Energy Saver program to maximise its impact. The review identified a number of similar programs, and a summary of the main features of each program was provided. A range of alternative practices (not currently incorporated in Energy Saver) was found in the areas of energy auditing, implementation of energy efficiency measures, and program support offered to businesses. These were summarised in the review, and a number of policy recommendations made to DECCW. A list of helpful resources for businesses seeking to implement energy efficiency measures was also compiled and provided to DECCW to assist in the development of Energy Saver web pages and promotional materials.

Completed in 2011

Funded by: NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water

Contact: The Institute for Rural Futures