Improving our Understanding of the Effects of Low Carbon Policies on the Australian Economy and Regions

The aim of the project is to improve our understanding of the socio-economic impacts of low carbon policies on the national and regional economies of Australia. We propose to build a model of the economy taking advantage of expanded environmental impact data now available. The model includes a segment that will facilitate qualitative analyses of local and regional economy effects of those same policies. This is an assessment increasingly being demanded of regional universities, like UNE. No current model has the environmental detail the proposed model will have. It is important that policy responses to global warming are supported by a variety of analyses and approaches, rather than having just the one model, as is the currently the case.

Mahinda Siriwardana from the School of Business, Economics and Public Policy is the Chief Investigator and IRF staff are involved with the project.

Related publications

Meng, S., Siriwardana, M. and McNeill, J. 2013. 'The Environmental and Economic Impact of the Carbon Tax in Australia'. Environmental and Resource Economics. 54(3): 313-32.
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Completed in 2011

Funded by: Australian Research Council

Contact: Judith McNeill