Benchmarking Australian Sheep Parasite Control

In this project a follow-up survey of Australian sheep producers was carried out, to:

  • Measure change in sheep parasite control practices and attitudes since the major IPMs survey in 2004
  • Provide a new benchmark against which to measure change in parasite control practices and attitudes into the future.

Since 2004 there have been a number of major initiatives in parasite control, involving considerable investment from AWI. The approach was to repeat the 2004 mail survey methodology based on a random sample from the current AWI producer database. This provided the new benchmark. Benchmarks reflected both practice change by individual producers and structural change in the industry.

The project was managed by Professor Steve Walkden-Brown from the School of Environmental and Rural Science, with the survey conducted by the Institute for Rural Futures.

Completed in 2013.

Funded by: Australian Wool Innovation

Contact: Ian Reeve