Theme C

Biomedical science to support rural mental health (UNE, UNSW, UoN)


Developed by the UNE School of Science and Technology, Centre for Bioactive Discovery in Health & Ageing, with partners.


  1. Enhance current UNE biomedical research capacities by partnering with UNSW and UoN to increase numbers of early-stage researchers working on development of biomarkers with a focus on biomarker use in healthcare practice and stress, depression and obesity, and to prepare teams for future joint work on genetics and mental health.
  2. Develop expertise of UNE staff and new CRN students/scholars in research utilizing bioanalytical techniques including operation of this state of the art technology at UNSW.
  3. Establish medium-scale regional facility at UNE (mass spectrometry and digital/interactive stereoscopy microscope system) for shared use of the biomedical team, CRN partners, scientists in other UNE Schools, local Co-operative Research Centres and likely CSIRO.
  4. Develop research extension skills in UNE staff and CRN emerging scholars to enable research to move from physiology of stress, obesity and depression to translating findings to the public arena in relation to practice and interventions (ties with other themes).