Theme A

Self-care & mental health within regional communities (UNE UoN USyd HNEAHS)


Developed by UNE Schools of Health, Rural Medicine, and Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences with groups and centres in partner institutions.

This theme has four investigative areas with objectives as follow:

  1.  Building rural mental health workforce capacity. To identify particular challenges facing rural mental health workforces, then capacity development and system changes to contribute to improving mental health of rural communities including creating models of support (such as use of NBN) for existing and new rural mental health practitioners.
  2. Disability across the lifespan. To investigate how individuals, families and other carers manage health and socio-economic problems associated with disabilities across the lifespan, including adolescence, young adulthood, middle and older-age, and how lifelong disabilities adversely affect the health and socio-economic well-being of regional families. Utilise expertise of partners to map these issues which will assist in developing appropriate models of care in partnership with disability agencies to improve support and access to services for families in rural communities.
  3. Suicide in rural areas. To explore the suicide trajectory in rural communities through prevention, intervention and postvention following a suicide death across the lifespan. To understand this trajectory with or without prior mental health diagnoses, by utilizing expertise at UoN CRRMH in early psychosis and interventions plus the Brain and Mind Institute at USyd in interventions plus UNE expertise in postvention.
  4. Mental health resilience, self care and social capital in rural areas. To map mental health resilience, self care and social capital by examining challenges and vulnerabilities, including violence against women and children, crime, addiction, socioeconomic disadvantage (education, employment, housing etc). To explore strategies for enhancing resilience through improved cultures and social capital.