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The conference organising committee encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander presenters and those working with Indigenous communities to submit papers for presentation across all theme areas.

Prospective presenters should review the guidelines under "Abstract Submission" and submit their abstract via email to

The deadline for abstract submissions is 27 December 2013 at 5.00pm.

Theme A: Self-care & mental health within regional communities

A1: Disability – Addressing rural individuals, families and carers, health and socio-economic problems associated with disabilities across the lifespan

A2: Suicide – Explorations of the suicide trajectory in rural communities through prevention, intervention and postvention following a suicide death across the lifespan.

A3: Resilience – Mapping mental health resilience, self care and social capital, including challenges and vulnerabilities in relation to regional, rural and remote communities.

A4: Workforce – Challenges and opportunities for rural mental health workforces.

Professor Rafat Hussian (UNE)

A/Prof Myfanwy Maple (UNE)

Professor Brian Kelly (University of Newcastle)

Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn (University of Sydney) Australian Family and Disability Studies Research Collaboration

Dr Prasuna Reddy – Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health (CRRMH)

Theme B: Sexuality, identity & mental health impacts on well-being and inclusion

B1: Educating specific social groups (including young people, the elderly, Indigenous people) in rural regions about relationships between sexual health, and identity and mental health and well-being

B2: Addressing barriers to successful delivery of best practice sexual and reproductive health and mental health services in rural regions

B3: How to achieve inclusive communities to reduce risks of suicide and poor mental health for people of sexual diversity

B4: Better understanding the relationship between sexuality, mental health and rurality

Professor John Scott (UNE)

Professor Marian Pitts (La Trobe University)

Professor Gary Dowsett (La Trobe University)

Theme C: Biomedical science to support rural mental health

C1: Mental health and well-being

C2: Biomarker development

Associate Professor Jim Mcfarlane (UNE)

Dr Pierre Moens (UNE)

Associate Professor Grainne Moran (University of NSW)

Professor Perminder Sachdev (University of NSW)

Dr Linda Agnew (UNE)

Professor Christopher Sharpley (UNE)

Professor Vicki Bitsika - (Bond University)