Submission of a HDR Thesis


All Higher Degree Research students are required to submit their thesis electronically in pdf format to

The electronic copy of the thesis should be submitted in Adobe pdf format and preferably as one document. If the thesis is submitted in more than one document, each document must not be larger than 30 megabytes.  Any colour photos or graphics must be no higher than 300 dpi.

If an examiner requires a physical copy of the thesis, Research Services will contact the student, who will be responsible for the printing of the soft-bound copy(ies).  Printing and binding of a thesis can be organised by Fujixerox whose contact details are: or phone (02) 67712420.

Theses can be printed double-sided however it is important to ensure that the print does not show through the paper. Please note that theses cannot be spiral or comb bound.

Submission Forms

Please ensure that the  forms listed below are completed and submitted along with your thesis as Research Services are unable to process a submission until all relevant documents are received.

  1. Thesis Submission Form (signed by Student, Principal Supervisor and Head of School)
  2. Statement of Authorship Form
  3. Right of Access to Thesis Form
  4. Request to Restrict Access to Thesis (only if you are placing an embargo on your thesis)
  5. Copyright Compliance Table
  6. 100 Word Abstract for Graduation

Please use the Thesis Submission Checklist in preparing your submission documentation.

The School(s) must provide to Research Services, the completed Examiners Recommendation Form (DOC, 129.5 KB) at least one month prior to submission of the thesis. It is recommended that the student advise their supervisor(s) of this requirement prior to submission.

Format of Thesis

For assistance with the general formatting of your thesis, please refer to the Guidelines for the Preparation of Research Dissertations (PDF, 173.58 KB)

You are advised to contact your Principal Supervisor for information regarding possible particular formatting requirements of your School.