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This resource, Student Online Learning: Advanced Research (SOL:AR), will assist you in becoming a fully-fledged postgraduate student at UNE and inform you of vital resources that are available to you.

1.1 Purpose

SOL:AR is designed to create a comprehensive and cohesive approach to HDR training for UNE students. Resources throughout the modules come from Research Services, UNE Library, the Academic Skills Office, and ITD.

The information and resources provided are introductory and suitable for all HDR students. Where applicable, links have been provided to more detailed information and there is an associated workbook with activities to complete.

While SOL:AR has been designed in chronological order and the modules build upon each other, you can dive in and out of the modules as you need them. And, of course, you're welcome to go back to review them at any time.

Figure 1.1.1. Sun diagram outlining SOLAR modules

Figure 1.1.1 SOL:AR consists of 15 different modules, covering a number of different topics aimed at helping you navigate the research and writing components of your HDR journey. (note: click on image for PDF download).

1.2 Course outcomes

By completing these modules you will become better prepared for your life as a postgraduate and, in particular, ready for your confirmation of candidature.

Upon completion of this course, you will have:

  • Participated in the UNE Induction program
  • Engaged in Research Integrity Training and (if applicable) Human/Animal ethics training
  • Created goals and milestones for your research journey
  • Begun a data management plan
  • Researched and identified analytical software required for your research
  • Formulated and/or refined your research question
  • Located and managed research databases specific to your field of study
  • Developed a strategy to manage your literature sources
  • Critically evaluated sources of literature
  • Refreshed you academic writing skills
  • Selected the style of literature review you will write
  • Initiated the writing phase of your literature review
  • Begun developing your online research presence
  • Devised a system to track your research impact

1.3 Student workbook

To assist in getting the most out of the SOL:AR modules, a workbook has been created for you to work through, which can be downloaded from the Resource Module or a hardcopy can be collected from UNE Library or Research Services on the UNE Armidale campus. These activities have been designed to help you apply the concepts covered directly back to your field of research. Many of these activities will be beneficial as you prepare for confirmation of candidature. It is recommended that as you progress through the modules and complete workbook activities, that you regularly check-in with your supervisors to clarify any points that are unclear or that needs further exploration. Note to supervisors: a guide to assist you in supporting your students will be made available soon.

1.4 Navigating the modules

A number of icons have been developed to aid your journey through the SOL:AR modules and are summarised below:

Table 1.4.1 Throughout the modules, icons will indicate tasks or recommended options.

Table 1.4.1 Throughout the modules, icons will indicate tasks or recommended options.

Workbook Activity

You are now ready to complete all activities in Module 1 of your Workbook.

Progress to Module 2- UNE Induction.

1.5 Acknowledgment

SOL:AR was developed by the University of New England from content initially developed by Queensland University of Technology through AIRS. Their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence.

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