Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus in Chickens - A Model for Mucosal Immunity Markers

Project Information

An Australian Research Council (ARC) project focused on a model for avian mucosal immunity markers using infectious laryngotracheitis virus in chickens aims to elucidate the role of local and systemic immunity associated with long-term protection against disease. A major objective of this project is to unravel early molecular signatures of immunity using a systems vaccinology approach. This PhD project will involve RNA-sequencing data analysis for immune markers. It is a project that will suit a student with RNA-seq bioinformatics skills and interest in immunology and host-pathogen interactions and infection-induced responses.

This three-year position will support an ARC-funded project, in collaboration with Deakin University. The PhD project will be hosted by UNE, which is situated in Armidale, under the supervision of Dr Priscilla Gerber, Associate Professor Tamsyn Crowley and Dr Sara de las Heras-Saldana.

Detailed supervisor information can be found in our Business and Law Postgraduate Research Prospectus and Science, Environment and Agriculture Postgraduate Research Prospectus.

Scholarship Information

The University is offering an RTP Domestic Stipend Scholarship for a successful domestic candidate. This amounts to AU$30,000 per annum, tax-free for up to three years to support a full-time PhD candidate. The level of the stipend will not be reduced over the period of the Scholarship.

Successful candidates will receive a grant to support their operational research costs of between $1,500 and $3,500 per annum depending on degree and discipline area.  Typically, these funds are used for fieldwork costs, conference attendance, and to purchase research items.

How to Apply

Applicants must meet UNE’s admission requirements for a PhD program. Please see the entry requirements. Applicants must submit a candidature application if they wish to apply for a scholarship. For more information on submitting a candidature application please see our how to apply/enrol webpage.

To apply for the scholarship please review the relevant application guidelines and complete the application form:

The successful applicant should have a Master’s degree, preferably in bioinformatics. Proficiency in RNA-seq analysis is desirable. The application must include a statement of your background, experience and interest in the project, your curriculum vitae (CV) and publications.

Scholarship and candidature applications can be submitted through AskUNE.

General Enquiries

Enquiries may be emailed to Dr Priscilla Gerber.

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 March 2020Until filled

Scholarship ID Code: S20/07