HDR Scholarship Selection Guidelines for Grant Holders

This process should be used to select PhD or Research Masters candidates funded through research grants. It can be used by any a research grant-holder who needs to advertise and select a candidate.


The grant-holder shall advise the HDR Support Officer (Scholarships) in Research Services that they wish to advertise a scholarship. The grant holder should provide:

  • The wording for the advertisement
  • The source of funding (e.g is the scholarship RTP, University or externally funded)
  • The amount of funding available
  • Any relevant web links (to the research project or researcher webpages)
  • Time frame for advertising i.e. opening and closing dates (must be advertised for a minimum of three weeks)
  • Time frames for expected commencement of candidature
  • Whether the scholarship is for domestic and/or international students
  • Contact details of a relevant person to provide information to candidate
  • Any additional information that may be required from candidates, not included in the standard UNE application forms

Research Services will then advertise the scholarship on the University webpage. The advertisement link will be sent to the grant-holder. We encourage grant-holders to circulate the link among their networks.


Scholarship applications will be submitted directly to Research Services through the AskUNE Portal. Candidates will also be required to submit a candidature application form and supporting documents to be assessed by the School in conjunction with the scholarship application.

Once the closing date has passed, the HDR Support Officer will provide electronic copies as well as an overview of all applications received to the chair of the selection panel.


The grant-holder, or nominee, will organise a panel of suitably qualified UNE staff to assess the applications for the scholarship. The grant-holder, or their nominee, will chair the panel, and will be responsible for ensuring that a record is kept of the selection process that is in keeping with the University’s record keeping standards.

The Chair of the panel is responsible for ensuring that the process by which candidates are selected is fair and non-discriminatory.

The Panel should be gender balanced and consist of the following:

  • The grant holder or their nominee
  • Higher Degree Research Coordinator
  • An additional UNE employee, preferably a content expert

Once the selection process is complete, the Chair will notify the HDR Scholarship Support Officer of the complete list of outcomes of the selection, including the successful and unsuccessful candidates. In the case of the unsuccessful candidates the Chair must provide a summary of the reasons the application was not successful.


Once the HDR Support Officer has been notified by the Chair of the Panel, they will issue the relevant letters to notify the successful and unsuccessful candidates. Please note, a successful scholarship offer will not be issued to a student until they have received an offer of admission.

Once the successful candidate has accepted the scholarship and notified Research Services in writing, the HDR Support Office will administer the payment from the date stipulated in the offer letter. The grant-holder should provide the scholarship cost code to the HDR Support Officer prior to the student commencing the scholarship.