Grants with PhD Scholarships

Research grants often include scholarships. The information here will assist researchers to establish a scholarship from their research grant. It is important to check your grant guidelines to see what your funding will cover. A research scholarship can contain some of the following components:

  • A stipend - covering living costs
  • International tuition fees
  • Overseas Student Health Care - the cost of health insurance that is mandatory for International students studying in Australia
  • Top-Up Funding - these amounts vary and are used to 'top up' an existing stipend
  • Operational Funding - these amounts can vary, and are funds used to cover the cost of research. This type of funding would generally be managed through the School
  • Fieldwork and travel funding - funds to cover research-related travel and fieldwork costs.
Advertising for a HDR Candidate

Advertising to fill a scholarship is not difficult, but it does need to be planned to ensure that the best candidates are recruited. Please note, all scholarships require a competitive, merit-based application process whereby the scholarship is advertised for a minimum of three weeks.If candidates are not selected through a competitive process, they may be liable for taxation (even of a non-taxable stipend), and Research Services may decline to administer the scholarship.

Research Services can advertise the scholarship on the HDR Scholarship webpage. The link will be added to the HDR social media webpages that are managed by Research Services. We encourage academics to circulate the link with a short introductory email to professional networks of the researchers, and through research and/or professional societies, as well as to colleagues working in the field.

Detailed information about how to go about advertising and selecting an HDR candidate can be found on the Grant-Holder Selection Process webpage.

Selecting a HDR Candidate

Researchers need to be aware that they cannot direct appoint PhD scholarships. All candidates must be selected through a competitive, merit-based application process.

Any recruitment needs to be conducted in line with the University's requirements in the UNE Code of Conduct, and with respect to UNE's conflict of interest policy and procedures.

For further information please contact the HDR Team in Research Services.