Researcher Development Activities

Skills for the Future: Supporting Researcher Student Professional Development at UNE through the Student Services and Amenities fee (SSAF)

Over the past few months, Research Services has been organising a series of professional development workshops specifically targeted at research students including honors students. These workshops are listed below. Spend some time browsing and get to know what is on offer for you!

The UNE Researcher Development Program aims to provide you with the opportunity to attend different workshops to support your career development during your scholarship at UNE.

These courses focus on development of transferable skills such as strategic thinking, communication and writing.

Please note that these different workshops, which are free for all UNE HDRs, are made possible from your SSAF contributions. The main themes of the activities include:

  1. Become a strategic researcher: Developing your Research Identity, Contextualising your Research, Managing the Politics and Ethics of Research, and Doing Research that is Convincing and has Impact.
  2. Become a healthy, prolific, and creative writer: Staying Well during your PhD, Turbocharge your Writing, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) for High Performers, and Creative Tools you can use in your Research
  3. Become a convincing communicator for maximum research engagement and impact: Telling Research Stories, Creating Communication Networks

Please contact should you have any question(s).

Note all workshops can be counted towards the New England Award.

Upcoming workshops

ANOVA's using Rstudio9.30am - 12.30pm (NSW/AEST Time)17th Nov 2020Register 
Staying Well during your PhD

9:30 am – 12.30pm (NSW/AEST Time)

24th Nov 2020Register
Turbocharge your Writing9:30 am – 12.30pm (NSW/AEST Time)2nd Dec 2020Register 
Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) for High Performers

9:30 am – 12.30pm (NSW/AEST Time)

10th Dec 2020Register 
Creative Tools you can use in your Research

9:30 am – 12.00pm (NSW/AEST Time)

28th Jan 2021Register