Suspension of Candidature (International Students)

What Is A Suspension Of Candidature?

Suspension of candidature is an approved period of time during which you are not enrolled in any subjects. The University may grant a suspension of candidature for personal, compassionate or other compelling circumstances.

Usually students can be granted a suspension for up to one year, during which they are not expected to be engaged in any study related activities.

If you are granted a suspension of candidature, the University must notify the Department of Education of the changes in your enrolment. The reason for taking leave may affect your student visa.

How Do I Apply?

If you wish to apply for a suspension of candidature, you should contact Research Services well in advance. You will need to submit a Suspension of Candidature Application Form.

Leave for Compassionate or Compelling Circumstances

Compassionate or compelling circumstances are generally beyond the student's control and have an impact on the student's health, well-being or ability to study, for instance:

  • serious illness or injury (supported by medical certificate which states the student was unable to attend classes)
  • bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (supporting documentation required)
  • major political upheaval or natural disaster in the home country requiring emergency travel, which has impacted on the student's studies (supporting documentation required)
  • a traumatic experience eg, involvement in, or witnessing a serious accident
  • witnessing or being the victim of a serious crime (supported by police or psychologist reports)
  • UNE University was unable to offer a prerequisite unit or courses needed to meet award requirements
  • delay in receiving a student visa (supported by relevant, dated visa documentation)
  • other (attach supporting documentation.

Your application for suspension of candidature must be supported by appropriate documentation, such as medical certificates or police reports.

Your visa will remain valid to resume your studies by the approved end date of your leave. As the suspension of candidature varies the expected duration of your course, UNE International will issue a new Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) and inform the Department of Education. You may need to renew your student visa before it expires if the duration of your course is extended beyond the expiry date of your visa.

For access to more detailed information please refer to the English Language and International Services website.