Research Integrity Advisers

A University researcher may need to contact a Research Integrity Adviser if they are:

  • in need of confidential advice about an issue of research misconduct
  • unsure about a research conduct issue
  • in need information about UNE's research conduct rules, policies and procedures
  • in need of independent advice outside a School or department
  • considering whether or not to make an allegation of research misconduct
Who are the Research Integrity Advisers at UNE?

Research Integrity Advisers at UNE are senior staff in Research Services who all have experience in the conduct of research and research administration. The Research Integrity Advisers are not discipline-based, and are independent of the Schools. They all report directly to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research). The Research Integrity Advisers have a wide knowledge of University rules, policies and procedures, and a good understanding of accepted practice in research.

What do Research Integrity Advisers do?

If you think you need to make an allegation of research misconduct, a Research Integrity Adviser can provide confidential advice about the best option to address the issue. Some of the options may be:

  • to refer the matter directly to someone who can investigate the allegation
  • to withdraw or not proceed with an allegation if discussion resolves your concerns
  • to refer the matter to someone with the jurisdiction to resolve the issue at a local level
  • to assist you to understand the University's policy framework around research misconduct

The Research Integrity Advisers do not investigate, or attempt to resolve, any allegations or complaints. They remain independent and provide advice.

Contacting a Research Integrity Adviser

Contact Reception in Research Services on + 61 2 6773 3715.