Getting Started


"The PhD was a unique opportunity for me to explore an original idea...
...nothing at work has compared to completing a thesis!"

Starting a PhD is an exciting and challenging time. You'll be meeting new people, exploring new ideas and techniques, developing a range of new skills and advancing old ones, and finding out all about how research is funded and conducted in your field of study.

As with anything new, there are a number of adjustments to be made when starting life as a PhD student. For example, the academic demands of a PhD are a considerable step up from Honours. If you're lucky, your supervisor will provide you with the research equivalent of training wheels until you find your balance. But be warned - the expectation is that you'll become independent pretty quickly. Your supervisor will always be interested in your journeys and discoveries, but he or she will be looking to you to gradually take 'ownership' of the project.

This module covers the essential tasks of the first weeks of candidature - the things that will get you set up as a member of your School and enable you to get down to work. It also guides you to develop an overview of your candidature as a PhD student - to think about why you've enrolled in a postgraduate research degree and what your journey for the next 3 years might look like.

Finally, we hope you'll take the opportunity to meet the other people on the course and exchange ideas and experiences about beginning postgraduate research.