Research Supervisors - Frequently Asked Questions

My HDR student is on leave, do I need to complete a progress report for them?
Yes. Even when on leave, HDR candidates are still enrolled students and we need to know what progress they are making. In the case of a student on leave, you should merely note that they are on leave.

My HDR candidate has not yet undertaken confirmation of candidature, do I need to complete a progress report?
Yes. As of July 2015 the Graduate Research Subcommittee is asking all enrolled students to complete a progress report.

I am the co-supervisor of an HDR candidate and the Principal Supervisor is external to UNE, why have I received a request to submit a progress report?
The online system cannot send emails to external email addresses, the report has been sent to you as the UNE supervisor.

What if I do not receive a report for an HDR candidate I am supervising?
If you are not the principal supervisor you will not receive the report. If you are the principal supervisor, and you do not receive report for a candidate contact to make sure you are registered as a principal supervisor.

What if I receive a report for an HDR candidate I am not supervising?
Contact HDR Progress Reporting. Research Services has sent you the report because you are recorded as the principal supervisor and, if you are not, it needs to be corrected.

What happens if an HDR Candidate fails to submit a progress report, or submits an unsatisfactory progress report?
HDR Progress Reports that are deemed unsatisfactory are dealt with using the Unsatisfactory HDR Progress Report Procedures.