HDR Candidates - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit a progress report?
Yes, all enrolled HDR candidates need to submit a progress report twice per year, this includes those who have yet to undertake confirmation of candidature, and those on a leave of absence from the University.

If I have not done Confirmation of Candidature do I need to submit a progress report?
Yes. As of July 2015 the Graduate Research Subcommittee is asking all enrolled HDR Candidates must provide two progress reports per year.

What if there is incorrect information in my progress report i.e. submission date, thesis title, supervisors?
Contact HDR Progress Reporting and it can be corrected.

If I am on a leave of absence do I need to provide a progress report?
Yes. You are still an enrolled student of UNE and therefore need to provide a progress report. If you are not using your UNE email address, you should arrange for your supervisor to complete their report, saying you are on leave. Alternatively you can forward your UNE email account to an account you are using while on leave.

What happens if I fail to submit a report, or my progress is regarded as unsatisfactory?
If an HDR candidate fails to submit a report or, when they do submit a report, their progress is deemed unsatisfactory, the issue will be dealt with under the Unsatisfactory Progress Report Procedures.