The Recommendation of the Confirmation Committee

Your Confirmation Committee will make 1 of 3 recommendations. It can recommend that:

  • Candidature is confirmed (with possibly some conditions applying); or
  • Candidature is not confirmed on the basis that progress is unsatisfactory.

In special circumstances, the Chair of the Confirmation Panel may apply to the Higher Degree Research Committee to extend a student's probationary candidature period (up to 3 months). This may be done, for example, if the candidate is required to revise and resubmit their confirmation report.

If the Confirmation Committee were to recommend termination of a student's candidature, it would need to have strong and documented grounds supporting the action.

For this reason, termination of candidature should never come as a complete surprise to the candidate. Most commonly, the student will have been informed on several occasions by his/her supervisors, HDR Co-ordinator or Head of School that there were concerns about the project, the progress of the research, the candidate's abilities or some other significant matter.

Unsatisfactory Progress

Where pregress is deemed by the Panel to be unsatisfactory, the student will be given the opportunity to respond to a 'show cause' letter from the Dean of Graduate Studies. Students must respond to the Dean of Graduate Studies within 21 days of receipt of the letter.

The Higher Degree Research Committee will review the show cause correspondence, will notify the student of the Committee's recommendation, and in the case of an unfavourable decision, inform the student of the appeal process.

The decision on unsatisfactory progress is final, barring the exercise of the right of appeal.