The Confirmation Process

Confirmation is to be arranged to take place at 6 months from enrolment for full-time candidature and at 12 months of candidature for part-time students.

The following 4 sections outline some of the steps you should consider as you begin to plan for confirmation.

Early Days

We recommend talking with your supervisor 3 months into your candidature about the confirmation process in your School. You might like to ask:

  • How is confirmation handled in this School? (for example, does the student or supervisor schedule the oral presentation?)
  • What word length is expected for the written report (closer to 3,000 or 10,000 words)?
  • When and where might you give the seminar (oral) presentation?
  • Who is likely to be on your Confirmation Panel and when will you be advised of its membership?
  • Does the School have any additional requirements for confirmation?
  • Is your supervisor able to show you copies of later-year students' confirmation reports to give you an idea of the appropriate format and level of detail?
  • Is it possible to attend other students' confirmation presentations - when and where are they held?

Be sure to establish a rough timeframe for your own confirmation - one that takes into account any holidays or leave that you and your supervisor may have planned.