HDR Complaints and Grievances

Do you have a Complaint?

UNE is committed to a fair and equitable work environment and takes all complaints and grievances seriously. Complaints can assist the University to improve services and systems. The resources below are provided to help HDR candidates understand how to make a complaint, and the policies and processes under which those complaints are processed.

If you are thinking about making a complaint, the HDR Complaints and Grievances Guide might be a good place to start.


HDR candidates who wish to make a complaint are encouraged to seek independent advice about how best to proceed. The following people can provide advice:

Student Grievance Unit

Research Services (contact Reception)

School HDR Coordinator (inquire at the office in your School)

NSW Ombudsman's Office


UNE Student Policies

Because HDR candidates are enrolled students at the University, the following complaints handling policies might apply to situations where complaints arise.

Student (Related) Grievance Handling Policy

Student (Related) Grievance Handling Procedures

Student Behavioural Misconduct Rules

Research Conduct Policies

Because HDR candidates are researchers at the University, the following research conduct rules and policies might apply where complaints arise. More information about graduate researchers and research misconduct can be found here.

HDR Student Responsible Research Conduct Policy

Code of Conduct for Research Rule

Procedures for Investigating Research Related Conduct Breaches or Related Complaints

Authorship Rule

Preventing and Detecting Plagiarism (HDR) Guideline

UNE Policies and Rules

Because HDR candidates work on campus, the following UNE policies and rules might apply where complaints arise.

Code of Conduct

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Procedures

Employment of Close Relatives Policy

Employment of Close Relative Procedures

Sex-Based Harassment Policy

Support Services

If you are thinking about making a complaint and are in need of support, you are able to access UNE Counselling.