Autonomous Sanctions

The Commonwealth of Australia has implemented the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions regime, and the Australian Autonomous Sanctions regime. These have ramifications for graduate research in Australian Universities.

Details of these sanctions are available at the links below.

DFAT Sanctions

Sanctions Regime Information

Autonomous Sanctions Legislation

As a result of these sanctions regimes, the University of New England has to review all applications for graduate study from citizens of sanctioned countries. The Australian Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade requires that all applications are considered in relation to the requirements of the sanctions regime and that no HDR candidates are enrolled who are potentially in breach of those sanctions. Breaching the sanctions carries serious penalties for both the institution and individuals.

UNE receives very few high risk applications, but all applications from citizens of sanctioned countries must be reviewed. When high risk applications are received, they are reviewed by Research Services, who then consults with the supervisors, HDR Coordinator and Head of School, and relevant discipline experts. The Deputy Director, Graduate Studies provides a final recommendation to the PVCR. The decision of the PVCR is final.

UNE Supervisors who are considering HDR candidates from sanctioned countries are encouraged to contact the Deputy Director, Graduate Studies as early in the process of recruitment as possible.