Youth At-Risk Research Network - PhD/MPhil Scholarship Opportunities (Identified)

Three Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PhD/MPhil Scholarships Available

Three doctoral or masters research scholarships are available for high achieving Indigenous health researchers to work within the Youth At-Risk Research Network (YARRN) to integrate research into youth services in remote communities, to improve social, economic and health outcomes for at-risk young people in remote communities in Australia and Canada as part of a broader team funded by the Australian Research Council.

Overall this research will increase the number and quality of services available for high-risk youth, improve their social, health and economic outcomes, and generate positive economic benefit for their communities. Through an innovative process of transdisciplinary knowledge co-creation, this research will be the first to bring together an inter-disciplinary team of researchers and experienced service providers to establish a scientifically rigorous, co-designed model of research that can be integrated into the routine delivery of services for high-risk youth in remote communities. This will improve social, health and economic outcomes for high-risk youth and have positive economic benefit for communities.

YARRN has the following aims:

1. To establish a transdisciplinary research network comprising a team of researchers and services with real-world expertise in delivering programs to at-risk young people;

2. To develop a standardised program definition, and a practically useful, scientifically rigorous evaluation framework; and

3. To integrate the standardised program approach and the evaluation framework into participating services’ routine service delivery.

PhD scholarships available:

  1. PhD scholarship (Indigenous targeted) mental health and wellbeing outcomes of vulnerable young people – role of culture (Mixed methods)
  2. PhD scholarship (Indigenous targeted) trauma and suicide exposure and impact on vulnerable young people’s mental health and wellbeing (Qualitative)
  3. PhD scholarship (Indigenous targeted) literacy issues and health outcomes for vulnerable young people (Quantitative)
About the Scholarship

The scholarship will provide a tax-free stipend of AU$30,000 per annum for three years for a PhD and two years for a Research Masters. An additional AU$8,000 will be available for mentoring opportunities. Students should be prepared to commence as soon as possible. Please see the Scholarship Terms and Conditions for more detials.

How to apply

Please submit a Domestic Scholarship Application Form, academic transcripts and indicate which if the above three projects you wish to undertake. All applications and enquiries should be directed to Myfanwy Maple.

When to apply

Please submit your application by 5pm on 31 July 2018.