UNE PhD.Innovation Research Award Terms and Conditions


A Scholarship holder:

  • must be an overseas student as defined in the Higher Education Support Act 2003.
  • must have received an Offer of full-time internal HDR Candidature in the Doctor of Philosophy (Innovation)(PhD.I) at UNE but not be enrolled.
  • must not be in receipt of an equivalent award, scholarship or salary providing a benefit greater than 75% of the Scholarship stipend rate, whilst in receipt of the Scholarship.
  • must not have completed a research degree at the same level as the proposed candidature, or at a higher level.

Duration of a Scholarship

The period of tenure of a Scholarship shall be a maximum four years for a PhD.I. Any period of study already undertaken towards these doctoral degrees (including advanced standing), either prior to the commencement of the Scholarship or during an approved Leave of Absence from studies, will be deducted from the maximum period of tenure.

Scholarships are renewable annually subject to satisfactory progress. Scholarship holders must complete and submit all HDR Progress Report forms as part of their higher degree research candidature obligations.

A scholarship holder will be required to undertake the first and last year of study on campus at UNE. The second and third years will be undertaken in the home country, conducting research within the candidates’ industry/professional context. While undertaking research in the home country scholarship holders are also expected to fund travel to UNE for a minimum period of four to eight weeks each year as part of their candidature.


A Scholarship holder must commence studies by the date specified in the offer letter, or the offer may be withdrawn and reallocated to another applicant.

Stipends and Allowances


The Scholarship includes a stipend of AU$27,596 per annum, paid as a fortnightly allowance, and is tax-free. The level of the stipend will not be reduced over the period of the Scholarship.

A UNE PIRA covers tuition fees for a maximum of four years for PhD.I.

Overseas Health Cover

A UNE PIRA covers standard overseas health insurance premiums for the student only for the period of HDR candidature.

All International students studying in Australia are required to purchase and maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). A standard OSCH policy covers the costs of medical and hospital care in Australia, most prescription drugs, and emergency ambulance transport. UNE PIPRA Scholarship students may wish to purchase extra OSHC if they require cover for ancillary services such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, etc. A UNE PIRA does not cover the costs of extra OSHC. For detailed information on OSHC provisions, please refer to the Department of Health and Ageing web site.


A UNE PIRA does not cover:

  • Overseas Health Cover for the award holder’s spouse and dependents
  • Visa fees
  • Travel and medical costs associated with visa application or renewal
  • Travel costs relating to overseas field work or to return to UNE during the second, third and fourth year.
  • The cost of English Language Testing or tuition fees for bridging or English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)
  • Costs associated with overseas fieldwork
  • The University of New England Student Services and Amenities Fee

Annual Leave

Scholarship holders are required to pursue their HDR studies on a full-time basis, unless approval has been given for part-time study.  Short absences of under two (2) weeks, which would not interfere with the overall progress, fall under the provisions of Annual Leave.  All HDR Students are entitled to take four (4) weeks Annual Leave each year. It is expected that Annual Leave will be taken throughout the year, including on public holidays and during UNE’s end-of-year shutdown period.  Annual Leave must be negotiated with, and approved by the supervision team. Stipend payments will continue to be paid whilst on Annual Leave.

Annual Leave does not affect any of the following:

  • enrolment status
  • submission deadline
  • the expiry date of the Scholarship
  • eligibility for paid leave under the conditions of the Scholarship

For the purpose of calculating Leave balances, the stipend is considered to be paid on a daily basis for every day of the year, i.e. including on weekends and public holidays.